Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mini Felt Ball Wreath Ornaments Tutorial

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These cute little wreath ornaments are super easy to DIY. 

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To make these mini wreaths you will need:
- Yarn

Start with about 2 yards of yarn,  I just measured with arm lengths, it doesn't need to be exact.  Then wrap the yarn around three fingers, pull out the middle finger, tie it off tightly in the middle, and cut the loops.  

Then tie another longer piece of yarn to the pom pom.  

Use the pliers to string the balls on the yarn.  

String on 6 felt balls.

 Once all 6 are on, tie the left over yarn at the top making a circle of balls and leaving a loop at the top to hang it on a branch or tie it to a present.  

There are so many color possibilities.