Monday, November 10, 2014

Felt Ball Garland Tutorial

I am so excited for this week of felt ball crafts! 
What better place to start than with a tutorial on making felt ball garland.

It was actually when I saw this "Cheery Garland" card from Tiny Prints that I first fell in love with felt ball garlands.

I just love all the bright happy colors and I especially love the silver and gold balls.  I had never seen a felt ball garland that have silver and gold metallic ball in it before. So of course I had to make one.

To make this garland you will need:
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-about 35-40 felt balls (depending on how long you want it and how far apart you space your balls), --twine or cording (I used gray and white bakers twine, but you can use any thicker string)
-a large needle (I like to use doll needles

First, since I loved the metallic circles in the garland on the card, I spray painted some khaki balls gold and gray balls with aluminum metallic spray paints.  I placed them in a box to spray them since they tend to roll.  

Once my metallic balls were dry I just threaded my needle and strung on the balls.  I found it easier to pull the needle through the ball using a pair of pliers.  There is no need to secure the ball in place.  They will stay where you put them, as long as you can keep your three year old from messing with them, but I find few things are safe from a curious three year old.

Then just wrap your new awesome cheery garland around something and bring on the cheer.

The possibilities are endless.  

And, if you don't wan to make your own, I just happen to sell them in my store.