Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bonnie's Winter ONEderland Cake Smash Photo Shoot DIY Tutorial

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A funny thing happens when you have your last baby.  You realize that it is your last chance to do all the things you always wanted to do when your other kids were babies but you were always too poor because your husband was still in school or too busy because you were quite frankly just trying to keep your baby from being loved to death by his or her siblings.   For me, a cake smash photo shoot was one of those things that I had always wished I had done.

So this time around I made sure that I did it.   

Now, I still didn't want to shell out the big bucks for an actual professional photographer, mainly because I always stress too much and by the time we get there I am a stressed-out, sweaty, mess and it is no fun for me (seriously, no matter how much I plan, so things can go smoothly, and how much I try to just be calm, taking my kids to someone else to have their picture taken STRESSES ME OUT), but since I am reasonably okay at the ol' picture taking thing I thought I would give it a try.  

First was the where... Where am I going to take these pictures?  While I am not lucky enough to have endless pretty walls, with nice, easy-to-wipe-off-after-being-smeared-with-frosting floors and perfect light all over my house, so I needed to make a spot.  All it took was one trip to Home Depot.  I bought a piece of beadboard (that I had the nice guy rip cut for me so that is was only 6 feet tall instead of 8), a 5 ft piece of base molding, a few clamps, and a box of Trafficmaster Allure flooring.

Once I had my backdrop figured out it was time to plan the details.  

Bonnie's party theme was "Winter ONEderland" and her party colors were soft pink, soft blue, silver, and gold.  I found the pretty scrapbook paper at my local craft store and used it to make the hat and cake topper.

If you are wondering hove to make a ruffle cake, it is actually CRAZY easy.  Like really truly easy.  I have a tutorial here.  usually people use a rose tip to make a ruffle cake, but I like to use a leaf tip (tip #67) and make it extra ruffly.  

Then, might I suggest picking a time of day that your baby is going to be happy AND take some test shots before you bring out the cake.  Make sure that you like the light, the angles, all that stuff.  

Then, take as many pictures as earthly possible.  (Just a gentle reminder that I am NOT a PRO.  A pro might be against this particular method).

But you never know when that magic moment will hit and it would be a shame to miss it.  I titled this particular picture "Sometimes your mom makes you eat cake."

All in all, I am VERY happy with how my photo shoot turned out and I am very glad to have a little backdrop photo area in my house now, and as you will see in later posts, a huge piece of beadboard is just nice to have around.  


  1. The pictures turned out great. You are more pro then you think. I also turn into a sweaty mess and stress the entire time too. I may need to start taking more at home myself.

  2. Fantastic photos. Ditto on the sweaty mess for family photos. Love how you deconstructed everything....I thought everyone in the world except me had fabulously bead-boarded walls and squeaky clean wood floors, and the $$$ to handout like candies to photographers;) You did a GREAT job. She is beautiful.

  3. What a great idea! My baby girl is turning 1 in a couple of months...this is a fabulous idea!

  4. Gorgeous photos. I love the way you set this up. You caught some perfect shots of your daughter.

  5. How/Where did you get the cute circle things that are on the backdrop? I love them!

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