Friday, April 26, 2013

Cutting Edge Stencil Winner, A Not So Craft Related Story, and The Return Of Friday Night Features

So, somehow I managed to totally forget to announce the winner for the Cutting Edge Stencils giveaway.  The winner is... Elizabeth Downie.


Okay, on to the story.  The other day I was in my craft room making some super cute fabric rosettes when suddenly I heard what sounded like someone put a bunch of rocks in the dryer and turned it on.  The strange thing about that was that I knew I wasn't doing laundry and no one else was in there.  Upon going into the laundry room I discovery that a not-so-smart bird had flown into the outside dryer vent (the cover blew off in a windstorm this past winter and it is like 20+ ft up on the side of our house so we have yet to replace it) and was now stuck in the vent hose in the back of the dryer.
I then had to free the bird.  Picture, if you will, me pulling out the dryer, climbing up on the top and laying on my stomach across the top, and reaching down to detach the hose.  For a moment the hose was pointed right at my face.  I was so scared!  I managed to get the hose pointed towards the open window and then there was no noise coming from the hose.  I thought maybe the bird had found its way out the way it came in, when suddenly this bird that was much too large to fit in the hose came busting out flapping its wings like crazy.
Now although I had told the kids to stay out, Alan and Bryce had come in the room while I was scaling the dryer and I was now climbing over them to get away from the bird that was repeatedly flying into the upper half (the still covered with glass half) of the open window while I was yelling "go down you stupid bird." And the boys were screaming.
It was pretty awesome.

And now to the features.  I must be in a girly mood.


  1. Yayyyyyy!!! Oh my gosh, I NEVER win give-aways!!!! Squueeeeeeee! So what do I do now? My email address is Thank you so much!

  2. Sorry, you can't really see it, but there's a "dot" between downie and elizabeth. Thanks again :)

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