Monday, August 13, 2012

Ultrasound Results and Back To School Inspiration

SO, good news. at the ultrasound today I found out that I still have a healthy baby.  Yay!  But, bad news, my little baby's legs were just about a tight together as they could be so we were not able to find out the gender.    :(  Really, truly, that frowny face it the perfect description of how I am feeling right now. 

Looking on the bright side I have a ton of projects I need to finish up before I should start on stuff for the baby and with ballet lessons, soccer games, and school starting I have plenty to keep me busy.

So in honor of school starting and having plenty to do so I don't have too think too much about how frowny faced I feel, here are 10 posts full of back to school inspiration.
Back to School Sign from The Diary of Daves Wife

Back to School Party from Just Call Me Martha

Cute Teacher Gift from A Pumpkin and A Princess

Teacher Gifts from Corner House

101 BTS Printables at Ali Lily Blog

Teacher Gift Idea From Jacolyn Murphy

Back to School Treat from The Blackberry Vine

School Snack from Hoopla Palooza

Teacher Gift Ideas from Brown Paper Packages

Teacher Gift from Gluesticks

Good stuff right????

Oh and by the way the winner of the $50 Shabby Apple gift certificate is April G.
Congrats April!


  1. My daughters legs were crossed too! But we had to have a second ultrasound and that is when we found it we were having a girl. Hopefully it is a girl and she is just being a lady keeping her legs crossed.

  2. Oh my goodness, Shabby Apple win = yay! :D

    That's a total bummer about your baby's legs being closed for the ultrasound! Hopefully you'll get another peek sometime and find out.

  3. Oh man! That stinks. Sorry for the disappointment, missy! Hope you still had a great party! Fun back to school ideas. Creative stuff.

  4. Bummer!! Sorry you weren't able to find out. :( But my guess is a girl since like Lindsay ^ said, all my friends that went in to find out what they're having and had that happened all had girls! Either way, congrats on a healthy soon-to-be little one! That is so exciting! Keep us posted when you get to go back for a second ultrasound! :)


  5. Now see I have been absent from reading other blogs to have even realized you were preggers! Congrats!!! How exciting! Be safe and healthy! :O)