Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Night Features

Oh wow I am extremely worn out tonight.  Scott came home a little early from work today and we took the kids to the county fair and then to Madagascar 3.  I don't think I would be so tiered if I wasn't SO allergic to animals.  As you can imagine there were a lot of animals at the fair and the kids took part in the pony rides and petting zoo and then sat on my lap during the movie. Now I am itchy all over.  But we had a ton of fun and I can still breath, so I guess it was worth it.

It was a great way to spend one of our few summer days left.

Lemonade sign from Burton Avenue

Cream Cheese filled Snickerdoodles from Desperate Craftwives

Reupuolstard Side Chair from SAS Interiors

Mom's Peach Cobbler from Adorned from Above

Ombre Dresser from First Lady of the House

Pinstripe table from Liz Marie Blog