Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blue or Pink

On Monday, with any luck, I should get to find out if I am having a boy or a girl.  I am not going to lie, after 3 boys in a row I am hoping for a girl.  (But not as much as Emma is hoping for a sister) I think I am going to video Emma's reaction, because boy or girl I am pretty sure it is going to be funny.

Mostly I am hoping that I will go in and I will still have a healthy baby.  

I thought it would be fun for the kids if we turned finding out if they would get a brother or a sister into a party.    This won't be a full crazy party, I am still way to sick and tired for that.  But every Monday night we have Family Home Evening and I just happen to be finding out on a Monday.  So it is more like a Pink or Blue themed super family night and we are having my husband's family over too. 

As part of the fun I have encouraged everyone to wear something pink or blue to the party to kinda state their predictions and of course there will be tons of treats

Monday night I will also post here whether we will be doing ruffly projects for the next 5 and half months, or little man projects.  Either way it will be fun.  Especially since I usually don't keep a lot of things between babies so I am pretty much starting from scratch.

So, if you would like,  join in on the fun and make your prediction.


  1. Hmmm... well, first, Congratulations!! A new baby is the greatest blessing! :-) Now for my prediction... I think it will be a girl! Emma will have a little sister to play with! :-)

    My nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby on February 2, and they will find out if it's a boy or girl in 9 days! We're so excited! I think it'll be a girl-- because the doctor says the baby has a fast heartbeat.. Can't wait to find out so we will know what to be buying for! :-)

  2. I'm predicting a girl, purely because my daughter had 3 boys in a row then got her much-wanted pink bundle, Yvie-Grace, who is now 2 years old...haahaaa! FHE sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate your news, either playin' Gadianton Robbers with our grandsons...yet again!! Can you tell it's a favourite..heehee! Good luck, sweetie!

  3. Congratulations! I think we must be due around the same time. I'm due mid-January with our first and we are finding out the gender in 2 weeks! I can't wait to hear what you are having! I hope its a girl... you need some more pink to balance out all of that blue!

  4. Girl ... Because everyone I know in the past 6 months has been pregnant has had boys ... So it's gotta end sometime!

  5. I love parties and you know how to throw them! Fun idea! Wish I could be a fly on the wall tonight at your party. So happy for you either way. Look forward to finding out soon. Good luck today!

  6. Ooh, how exciting! I'll guess... girl. :D

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