Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome To Summer Party

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I must admit... I like to throw parties.  Kids always have so much fun at parties, they remember parties, and I can't help but think to myself they are only little for so long and then they are gone. 

So this year I had the grand idea to throw a huge welcome to summer party for the kids.
To make this party possible I had to have the help of several moms in the neighborhood, and we had each kid  pay $3 to cover the cost.  I think everyone was totally okay with the $3 and that way we could really make it an awesome party. 

And it was AWESOME.  I think now I will have to make it an annual thing.

The most important part of any party is the food right???

I kept the food really kid and outdoor friendly.  No need for plates or utensils here.

We had tons of popcorn, 7up with Kool-aid ice cubes, water, mini cupcakes and
What kid doesn't get excited about cotton candy being made right in front of them?

But the real show stopper of the party was the Kona Shaved Ice Truck.

Seriously, when the Kona Truck rolled up everyone was so excited.   I really can't even tell you how awesome this was.  Just think about how excited your kids get when they hear the ice cream truck coming and then time it by a lot.
 They have fun music playing and the kids get to pour their own syrup for it.  

The truck could have been the whole party and I think the kids would have thought it was awesome.  

By the way their ice is really good, like snow in a cup.  I just mention this because I have had shaved ice before that is crunchy, and this is not crunchy.

To speed up the process and get everyone through the line as quickly as possible we had it prearranged with the truck that everyone would get a medium shaved ice and we passed out carnival tickets (purchased from the dollar store) for the kids to pay with.  Then when we were all done we just counted up the tickets and I made one payment.  The tickets are also the only reason I know about how many kids were there.  When it was all said and done we gave them 77 tickets.  We made sure no kids got two tickets by marking their hands.  The mom at the gate marked each kid's hand as they paid and then marked it the other way when she gave them a ticket.  

There was also plenty of big time summer fun.
We had a huge water fight.  I think there were over 700 water balloons.

 Everyone got their face painted.  I bought the face paints at Walmart, the crayon kind worked a lot better than the little paint pots.

We had a slip n slide with a snake sprinkler at the top.  This thing was 10 feet by 25 feet.  It is a 6mil plastic painter's trap from Home Depot.  We also had a few kiddie pools with sponge balls set up,

and a photo booth. 

These are so hot right now and for a good reason.  They are so fun.

I got the leis, hats, and sunglasses at the dollar store.

Oh man.  Good times.  You know your party was a success when a 4 year old comes up to you and says thanks for the party and his mom didn't even tell him to.  :)

And thanks to the moms who helped support my craziness.  I couldn't have done it with out you.


  1. Talk about a party! This is great! This post made me wish for a hot summer day midst our chilly San Francisco weather...just one day though :)

  2. What a fun party. I'm sure the kids will always have fond memories of this one.

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