Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes and Other Awesomeness

Oh how I love a cute cupcake.

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I was so excited when I found all this cute rainbowy cupcake stuff for Emma's luncheon.  All the liners, sprinkles and rainbows came from The Cupcake Social.   If you do a search for this sort of thing on etsy you will find a TON of options, but I went with The Cupcake Social because she had everything I needed and I didn't want to pay the multiple shipping charges I would have had if I bought from several different stores.  She also did a custom order for me so I could get the exact number of each color I wanted.

 The biggest reason I when with The Cupcake Social was because she had these little bags.

When I saw them, right away I envisioned these cute little thank yous and knew I had to have them.  They are filled with gumballs from Target.  

The cupcakes were so much fun to make.

I had 8 different colors of liners and made 4 cupcakes in each color.  I was seriously giddy when I put the liners in the pan.  I mean how could I not be when baking with such happy cuteness.  Right?

I used my standard simi-homemade recipe again, but this time I used vanilla cake mix.  One batch of the batter would make about 72 mini cupcakes, but since I was only planning on 40 people and we would have cake and other cupcakes,  I used half the batter to make mini cupcakes and the other half I added mini chocolate chips and crumbled bits of brown sugar  and used to make the normal sized cupcakes.

At the Queen Bee Market at SNAP I picked up two new really big tips for fifty cents each.

We are talking REALLY BIG.   I used the pointy one for the little cupcakes and the more star tip like one for the regular sized cupcakes.  I like them a lot. like  A LOT, A LOT.

When it comes to a great party I think sometimes it is the little details that make 
all the difference...

and sometimes it is the big things.

I LOVE this HUGE print of my sweet Emma in her baptism dress.  It is about 2.75 feet by 3.75 feet and it was only $18.  SWEET!

I sent a 3X4 print to Staples to be printed as a engineering print and then I took it to my local craft store to have it mounted to a foam board.  I had been planning on making the large print, but the mounting it to foam board idea I got from am amazing friend Risa.

I also used pinwheels in a rainbow of colors.  I think pinwheels are really happy, so I thought they were the perfect complement to rainbows.

I bought two paper packs (they were 50% off at Hobby Lobby) to make a bunch of pinwheels and other decorations at the luncheon.  I had a ton of left over paper.  I used stripey paper straws for the pinwheel sticks.

I was planning on making a pinwheel garland thingy too, but I ran out of time.  The the way.  This picture is a really good example of why I rarely show you guys pictures of my mantle.  No matter how cute it looks in person, when I take a picture all I see it a big black TV.  On the upside our TV is hooked up to a computer,  so at the luncheon I was able to have a slide show of pictures of Emma on it.

Do you know how to make pinwheels?  It is SUPER easy.  Some people will have done tutorials that show a lot of measuring and what not, but here is the long and the short of it.  Cut out a square, then at each corner cut in towards the center but not all the way to the center.  Then take the part on the right, at each corner, and pull it into the center.  I used hot glue to glue the tips to the center.  You don't have to have perfect angles or cuts.  I have found out that they turn out looking the same either way.

I am glad I was able to give her such a happy party to celebrate such a happy day.

More rainbowy goodness to come.