Saturday, May 26, 2012

Log Inspired Groom's Cake

One of my husbands cousins got married this past week and she had asked me to make an awesomely tacky groom's cake as a surprise for her new hubby.
She didn't give me to much direction (just how I like it.)  But she did tell me she wanted two tiers, a few things he likes, and these frog bride and groom ornaments they had gotten for Christmas (they are some kind of inside joke).

This is what I delivered to the reception on Thursday.
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I kinda think it is AWESOME!

She seriously gave me what seemed to be a very random list of things he liked, including Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles.  And for the longest time I could think of how I was going to put them all together on a cake.

And then it was like "light bulb"

Carve them on it like bark.

Although Sarah didn't include herself in the list of things her fiance liked I thought putting her on there was a pretty safe bet.  I mean he is marrying her so he has to at least like her as much as Raphael, right?

I really tried to add a lot of detail so make it look as real as I could.

I was hoping it would be hard to tell where the base ended and the cake began.

The whole reception had a beautiful vintage feel.  Lots of details like lace, soft colors, ribbon, old doors,  Grandma's old shoes and Grandpa's level.  It was a beautiful collection bringing a real since of history to the space.  I loved it. 

I have been looking at old globes at DI since January and have never found one.  I walk into the reception and my first thought was "well this is where all the globe have been going."  She must have made SO MANY trips to the DI to get that many globes.  They probably had about 15 vintage looking globes.

Hats off to my Aunt Pam.  She did an AMAZING job!!


  1. AWESOME cake!!! I don't think it looks tacky though, well the frogs. ;-)

  2. I love that cake!!! The reception looks great too--love the globes. But I can't get over that cake! Amazing!

  3. Great job, you never fail to inspire. Haven't heard of a grooms cake before but cool idea!

  4. The cake was AWESOME, Laura, and so much fun! Also, Pam did an amazing job. It was a magical night for all concerned.

  5. You are SERIOUSLY talented! I LOVE it!!!



  6. Steven is my cousin! I was at that reception & temple. I had already been following your blog and had no idea you had any relation to them. It was amazing!

    1. Wow, small world! So I guess that makes us cousin in laws... right? :)

  7. So great! I just adore all the details. Thanks for sharing at I Made It! Monday. Can't wait to see what you link up this week.

  8. Your cake is amazing. I do cakes as a hobby too, so I love checking out other people's work. I have actually used a log as a cake stand too. I've always wondered how I would do wood if I were to try (almost had a reason to recently, but that didn't happen). Yours is the perfect example. Great work.