Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Night Features and Pinterest

Pinterest....  Personally I LOVE pinterest.  I actually really love going over there and seeing what of mine has been pinned.  (I know it's so vain.)  But it is a good researching tool and it is nice to know that sometimes I inspire people.  So, have you ever wondered how many times something of yours has been pinned?

There are a few posts of mine that I see being pinned everyday and I always wondered if there was a way to know how many time it had been pinned, but I had googled it and couldn't find it.

Finally, I found out how thanks to my friend Abbey who email me this link.  The tutorial was pretty easy to follow and now I can have a better idea of how many times things are being pinned.  YAY, now on to the features.

You are my sunshine sign from AKA Design

Kodak Moments Dresser from Bliss Ranch

5 Felt Flower How To's from The Crafted Sparrow

Mod Podge Plates from The Cards We Drew

Embroidery Hoop Art from Cabin Fevered Gem

Scrappy Rosette Pillow Covers from My 3 Monsters


  1. Thanks for the shout out lady!!!!

  2. Thanks for featuring my pillows. I love every single thing you shared today!!

  3. Laura you are such a treat! Thanks for the awesome feature! Cheers,