Thursday, April 26, 2012

Emma's Cupcakes and Kitty Cats Party - Setting the Scene

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We had Emma's party at Get Air (it is a trampoline park).  I knew that I would have limited time to set up and I knew that I would have to transport everything there.  So I tried to make the party room feel special with as little as possible.

My first thought was to make the treat bags do double duty.  I wanted them to serve as party decor that I wouldn't have to take back home with me.  

SO SWEET!!!  get it?  sweet...

To make them I just went to my local craft store and bought a package of pink paper treat bags, a pack of  polka dot and striped paper (I love buying a pack of paper so I can up a 40% off coupon), and I bought 2 sheets of pearlized white linen paper for the frosting.  I got the cupcake shape from the Silhouette store and used my Silhouette to cut them out.  Then I just hot glued the paper on to the bag.  This shape is a really great deal.  There are 3 different cupcake shapes with the sprinkles, cherry, swirl, and loopy thing for just $.99.  Totally worth it.

Each cupcake turned out different and the girls liked being able to pick out their favorite.

I used the rest of the paper from the pack to create a festive kitty cat banner.

To make it, I once again turned to my Silhouette.  The shapes are all available through their store and the hearts where left overs from the cupcakes I cut out to make the treat bags.

 It was super easy.  I just had my Silhouette cut it all out (umm I really think that at this point Silhouette should be paying me for this post... they're not, but they should be or maybe they could just send me a Cameo.  I am just sayin') and then I hot glued the kitties and hearts to the pennants and then hot glued the tabs of the pennants to baker's twine.  There are a few things I LOVE about this project.  I LOVE this happy paper, I LOVE how easy it was, and I LOVE hot glue.  Hot glue is such an instant reward.  Am I right? No waiting for glue to dry.  LOVE IT.  Seriously I love hot glue.  I use my glue gun ALL THE TIME.   My kids think I can fix anything with my glue gun.

Oh the cuteness.

It is amazing what you can do with a pack of paper, 2 rolls of wrapping paper, 14 polka dot balloons and some party tableware.

You can get the low down on the treats here.


  1. how cute, and looks easy enough. I like the idea of using the treat bags for decor.


  2. Adorable! What is the name of the kitty you used on your banner from silhouette? I can't find it. Thanks!