Saturday, April 21, 2012


I find it kinda funny that I haven't had time to blog all week because I am at a bloggers conference.  But let me tell you SNAP has been AMAZING!!!  like AMAZE and a ZING.  Everyone is so fun and I have met SO many women who I just adore.  (If you are reading this, you know who you are.)

Seriously, here is the thing I believe to be true about crafty/DIY bloggers...  We all just love each other.   I think we are all so happy to find someone else who really understands our own insanity that we just LOVE each other.  In fact I was trying to decide if  there could  to be a reality tv show called "Real Housewives of Blogland." or something.  I don't know if it could work.  There just isn't any drama....  Although dangle a free silhouette cameo in front of our little noses and things could get ugly (especially with the large amounts of Diet Coke that have been consumed here this weekend.  I haven't had any, but I am sure collectively we have had a LOT.)

Here is the other thing I find to be true...  Are you ready for this?  I don't actually know how to blog.  Well to be honest I already kinda knew I wasn't really a blogger (I just play one on the internet).  But there have been quite a few moments, especially when talking about using social media apps, that I am like "Oh SNAP have NO idea what they are talking about".  But I do try to only say the "oh snap" part in my head.  By the way I actually say "Oh Snap"  quite a bit in real life.  I think it is my profanity of choice.  You know, I burn my finger with a glue gun and I say "oh snap" while waving it in the air like that is going to make the liquefied plastic spot searing it's self into my finger suddenly stop hurting.  Or when I am driving somewhere and I realize I totally forgot something I needed I will often let out an "ahh SNAP!"  Anyway, I have been trying really hard to avoid oh snap moments while I am here.  I just think it might be a little strange to to let out an oh snap at SNAP.  Right?  I blame my computer.  Whenever it has a problem gives my an oh snap screne of death.  Literally it says "oh snap."  And then when it says oh snap I then read it out loud.  And since I tend to that a lot of oh snap moments with my computer I read it a lot.

Ummm I think I am rambling due to the fact that it is now almost 3am.   So, I should probably go to bed, but dude I have missed you guys this week.

OH and guess what.  I pretty much got Emma's baptism dress done before I left.  Do you want a seek peek?

Awesome dress right?  That really is the dress, I am not just being a stinker and not showing it to you.   This is the picture I used for her invitations.

Oh, oh, and also I am super excited that while I have been here I have had TONS of really great project ideas.  It must be all the creative energy.  I will just be sitting there and have an idea for something completely unrelated to what we are talking about, but I am SO excited.

Okay, so starting next week I will be back posting like usual with lots of fun stuff to show ya'all.


  1. Laura!!! We're so sad we didn't get to say goodbye to you last night! We were cheering for you when you won your giveaway prize, even though you weren't there :) Loved meeting you and hanging out! {And we were really bad at taking pictures... so if you have one of us with you will you pretty please email it to us?} You better keep in touch :)

  2. Well OH SNAP!!! LOL I am so glad we met this weekend. What a great time. Can not wait to see you again. We have to get together since we live in the same state... FYI I was telling the hubs about you really late one night and his comment went somethin like this.... Laura from statefarm? What was she waring? Have you seen that statefarm commercial? I had to laugh so the next several times I have said anything about you I have started with "Laura from statefarm..." LOL Love you to pieces. :O)

  3. I am glad I got to meet you at Snap. I love the "you are loved sign" and I have pinned it well before I knew it was yours. You are one talented gal.

    Bridget Parry