Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Superhero Desk

I was planning on sharing details from Alan's birthday party today, but I have been working very hard on finally getting the boy's room DONE and I just couldn't wait to share the boy's new desk with you.

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I picked this desk up for FREE about a year ago.  It was old color when I got it.  It was dirty, and then it sat in my garage for almost a year. 

 So it was pretty gross when I started working on it last week.  First I cleaned it a ton, then I took the back off, then I sanded it, then I painter all but the top yellow, then I realized that looked really bad with the stained top.  Then I spray painted it navy, stained the top a walnut color, and sanded it a ton.

Once I moved it out of the garage I taped off the stripes (SUPER pain in the Booty), and then I used a finishing wax to seal it all.

I love it.  I love the bright color and the mix of the heavy distressing with the clean lines of the knobs.

And I love that it has a secret identity.  Shhh...  Don't tell.

I spent way too much time looking through old comics and cutting out the bits I liked and Mod Podged them to the bottom of the drawers. 


I am REALLY hoping to have the room all done next week. 
 I just want to squeal with excitement about how awesome the finished room looks in my head.


  1. Very nice! You did a wonderful job!

  2. The ombre walls in the background look awesome. The comic book liners are so cool.

  3. you're a really good mom, I can't believe you mod podged all those comics!!

  4. I was lovin' this distressed stripe paint job and then about fell off my chair when I saw the INSIDE of the desk. KerPOW! It's downright fanTASTIC. Truly. I have pinned this as a project idea for one of my boys' desks, which is lame-o white laminate. Inspired!
    : )

  5. So awesome, and I love that the inside is lined with comics! So clever!!!



  6. oh my goodness how cool! I love this from the stripe to the inside lining! :o) Thank you SO much for the inspiration and for linking up!!!!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  7. I just love that! Great colors and I love the heavy distressing. The comic lining is just the icing on the cake ... what a fun idea.