Thursday, March 22, 2012


As of Tuesday I am going to SNAP!  Talk about waiting until the last minute.  I am pretty sure I bought the very last ticket.  

I am so excited to get to meet so many amazing bloggers in real life, but I am going to be honest with you all.  I am totally freaking out.  I am kinda painfully shy unless I am with people I know really well and since I don't REALLY know anyone there and I am not going with anyone I am a little scared.  Maybe more than a little.  Oh my goodness, I totally suck at starting conversations or going up and introducing myself to people I don't know.  And that my friends is kinda the whole point of going to a blogger conference.  RIGHT?

Oh well, I have to grow up someday.  I am also freaking out that I don't really have a logo I love ( I have actually been working on that for a while, but every time I make something I decide I don't like it), I don't have business cards, and the hotel is totally booked and I am pretty sure most people have had their roommates picked out for months.  Anyone have room for one more?  I promise to take a quick shower. :)


  1. Hi Laura!!! You're too funny. I'm going to SNAP too with a friend who doesn't blog. How funny is that?! I was too afraid to go by myself. My friend's wouldn't believe it if I said it, but I am naturally shy until I get to know people. I'm not good at starting conversations and I'm always worried about what to say next. My friend and I have a room at the hotel, let me check with her, but I'd love to have you as a roomie. :) It will save us some money anyways, right? Email me and we can chat :)

  2. Laura! I am so glad you are going to SNAP! Nat and I are going together but we aren't staying at the hotel either, so we're hoping we'll still have a chance to get to know people. We're kinda freaking out too, so you're not alone. We're scrambling to try to get business cards and our blog updated. We'll see how much we can get done in 3 weeks :) We totally have to hang out, K?? - Holly

  3. Hi Laura- I'll be at SNAP too. And we've actually met in real life before at Mandi's thing at Murray Park last summer. So you'll at least kinda know someone. :) I know Ashlee at I'm Topsy Turvy has a room and was looking for roommates- she might be one to check with too! You will have a blast, and I'll be sure to look for you there! Let me know if you want to meet before, I'd love to chat with you about my experiences at Creative Estates last year. (it was wonderful by the way) :)

  4. I can't wait to meet you!! It will be SO fun!!!

  5. So fun that you're going to SNAP now! I'm going too. I went to Creative Estates last year and it was my first conference--I was super nervous beforehand. It was pretty fun though and everyone was really nice and eager to meet everyone! Don't worry at all, I think SNAP will be even better!