Monday, March 12, 2012

Ombre Ruffle Cakes

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I love doing ruffle cakes.  Why? Because they are fast, easy, and look good.   But now I want to try to change up the norm and try some new kinds of ruffle cake.

And so I give you Extra Ruffly Ombre Ruffle Cake.  It is not just weird lighting, the frosting really is getting lighter.

First you will need to mix up your ombre colors.  I made the darkest color first and then added a little of it to the white to get the lightest color.  I made a little too much of the dark and ended up needing to make more of the lighter color before I was done.  I started out with only a little of the middle color because that was where I was planning on putting my leftovers.

So, doing a ruffle cake this way takes the fast element out of its awesomeness, but I do love the effect.  To get this look you use a leaf tip.  I used the largest one I had, Wilton 67.  To get the ombre effect, you will have to reload your frosting bag for every column.  Load your bag with a small spoon full of the dark, a small spoonful of the middle and a large spoonful of the light.   It is the same as a normal ruffle cake, you just point the tip down with one side against the cake and just go back and forth.  Go a little slower and you will get more ruffles.  And make sure you completely empty the bag before you start the next column.  I emptied my bag as much as I could before reloading it, but then I squeezed more out into the middle bowl until the frosting turned dark again and then I would frost the next column.

Also, I have learned that you should make lines for your columns in your crumb coat.  That way it is easier to make sure things stay even.

Mmmmm pretty ruffles...

Now I need to pause for a real life moment.
I usually try to do all my cake making at night when my kids are in bed, and this is why.  I finished the purple ruffle cake and looked down to see Bryce eating toast on the floor.  (At least the floor was clean...earlier that day anyway, and I did make the toast for him and I put it on a clean plate.)  Since I was in the kitchen, Bryce was in the kitchen too.  I love the upside down laundry basket he had used to get fruit snacks out of the pantry, the dining chair he had used the get a Simply Gogurt out of the fridge, and the now empty box of microwave popcorn.  And I would like to clarify that he was dressed earlier, but Bryce is an ALWAYS NEVER NUDE.  (meaning he is always in just a diaper)  I get him dressed and he takes it off,  I put jammies on him at bedtime and by morning he is in just a diaper again.  What's a girl to do?  He does stay dressed in public, at least.

Okay, back to cake.    Since this whole ombre frosting idea was new to me I wanted to experiment.  
So for Alan's cake I wanted to see what would happen if I just did a dark color at the bottom and then white.  So I used the good old rose tip that you would usually use to make ruffle cakes, but for kicks I 
also decided to see what would happen if I did the columns in a zig zag.

I feel like the zig zag was a bit of a FAIL.  I think it kinda looks like I just messed up.  Oh well now we know.

I do like the dark to white frosting look, but it is hard get an evening look.  By the end of the cake I was able to control the color flow a little better. 


  1. I really need to get some frosting tips and start practicing this. These cakes are so pretty!

  2. Oh my goodness....I just have to show this cake to my daughter...she'll's gorgeous! She's been looking for something different, and I'm sure this will fit the bill....thank you!
    p.s. I've always had a soft spot for a tattooed man....haaa!

  3. wow!!!!

    I would love it if you could share this on my link party - Serenity Saturday

    Natasha xxx

  4. Beautiful! I've never thought to ruffle the icing. The color changing looks wonderful. This would be so pretty for Easter with Pastel colors. Found you on TT&J, just pinned this. Thanks for showing how to make it. Also, I like how your pin button lets you choose any photo from this post. I can't figure out how to do it. If you have time could you stop by my blog and tell me how in a comment (or email me). Thanks! - Victoria,

  5. Your cakes are gorgeous. I love the ruffled icing!