Monday, March 26, 2012

Alan's Transformers Birthday Party and a Winner

The winner of the Get Air party is Stacy. 
Congrats Stacy!  I am sure your kids are going to have a BLAST.

At the beginning of the year, when I was still pregnant and sick all the time, I told the kids we weren't going to do birthday parties this year.  But since my status has changed since then I decided that they could each have a SMALL party.   After all there are only so many years I get to throw parties and then they will be gone.

This year Alan picked to have a Transformers party.  Can I tell you... I was not excited about the Transformers theme.  I was especially NOT excited about making a Transformers cake, mainly because red, navy, and grey are not the most appetizing colors.  But here is something I have learned in my 6 short years of being the mother to little boys.   Sometimes boys just like tacky stuff.  They like bright red shirts with Mario on them or anything with Spiderman or Transformer on it.  And as the mother of a boy it is your job to seek out the least tacky of the things they love so you can both be happy.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Transformers, those movies are awesome.  I just don't really want to decorate with them.

For Alan's party I must admit I gave in to the tacky.  After all I knew when Alan said he wanted Transformers that meant he wanted Transformers plastered from one end of the party space to the other.  That said I really tried hard to keep things simple.

Pin It  For the invites I kept it very simple.  I just Googled Optimus Prime, downloaded a picture that was a free wallpaper image and then added the words in Picasa.   Then all I had to do was print and cut them out.  Super easy since I was only letting Alan invite 4 friends.  That is nearly impossible in my neighborhood.  There are 5 kids Alan's age in just the 5 houses next to ours.

For the cake I found this cute little Optimus Prime cake topper that is also a spoon that the birthday kid can use to eat his cake.  Alan loves it.

At the party each kid got a cupcake and we saved the cake for the family party later that day.  I first baked the cupcakes in the Transformers liners and then slipped them into another liner so they looked pretty.  I topped the cupcakes with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee rings.

I put Transformer stuff where ever I could.  Don't you just love the super cool "birthday card" from Alan's Aunt Andrea?  Did you know you could just mail a box of candy? 

I decided to do water bottles for the party because they are cheap, healthy, and kids love getting to drink out of a water bottle.  To make the labels I just googled "Transformer symbol", downloaded it into picasa and added the names.  Then I just hot glued the blue cardstock and the Transformer symbol to the bottles.

As the boys arrived we had an episode of the old Transformers cartoon on and some toys set out so they could hang out and have fun while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Our first game was pin the symbol on the Transformer.  I covered the holes of the a Bumblebee mask  and then we had the kids take turns trying to get the closest to pinning the symbol in the right place on Bumblebee.  (Yes, the little boy is going down the hall the wrong way.)

And yet somehow he managed to win.  I got the coloring book at the dollar store.

After lunch the kids went on a treasure hunt for Energon.  Optimus Prime left them clues so they could find the Energon and defeat the Decepticons.    I had those boys running all over the place. :)

They were very excited when they found it.

I added more loot to the treasure after this picture was taken, but this is a pretty good sampling of what the kids all got in their treat bags.

Then we opened presents and had cake and ice cream.

I had another game planned for after cake and ice cream, but once the presents were opened all they wanted to do was play.  So I let them.  They were having fun right?


  1. Transformers are so cool! What a great party!

  2. Laura,

    You did a fabulous job! I have never been into Transformers; I remember when they first came out and didn't get them then. However, the kids I babysat LOVED the things and I could respect that. My daughter is into Pokemon. I like the original ones but these new ones I don't get and really don't want to. That being said, I have to remember that it is her passion, not mine, and although she wants to "collect them all" I don't have the funds. I do encourage her to enjoy them and take care of them because one day she will be glad that she has these and will be able to enjoy them for many years to come. She is sixteen and sometimes worries about what others think. She worries that maybe she is too geeky, such as the men on Big Bang Theory. (We LOVE the show!) I tell her that what other people say is not for her to worry about because the people that fuss or make fun of her are only showing their mental and emotional limits.
    Boy, I got preachy. Sorry.
    Anyhow, it looks like a great time was had by all. Thanks for posting - I love looking at what others do for parties.
    And Laura, one last thing. You are going to have to lock that young man up. The girls are going to go crazy after him. He has the most amazing eyes! It seems as if you can look a million miles in them.


  3. Wow! happy birthday Allan, you grew up so fast. I love the cake so much. thanks for sharing this special event.

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  4. Where did you get your clues for the kids to go on the hunt for the Energon? Thanks!

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