Monday, February 20, 2012

I Got Bangs

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 As I mentioned on Saturday I got bangs.  It is surprising how doing something as small as getting a hair cut can feel so daring.  But is was time for a change, ya know?

Do you love this picture?  I am calling it "through my daughter's dirty vanity mirror right after church because her room had a mirror and good light, but the Home Teacher were on their way over so I had to take it quick and not care that the mirror was dirty, self portrait."

Anyway... back to the bangs.  I am still getting used to them.  I haven't had bangs since 9th grade and back then they were the kind you curled with the big curling iron.  Ahhh good old 90's bangs.    Hopefully they are cute. I took in a picture of Reese Witherspoon and told her I wanted my hair to look like this.  (only longer and brown)

If only all you had to do was print out a picture and you could look like that.  Wouldn't that be nice?

BTW, do you like the necklace I am wearing?  I made it on Friday.  Necklaces like this are super easy to make.  

You can use any necklace or strand of beads that are connected or separated by little metal loops.  Decide how long you want it and then open up one of the links with a pair of needle nose pliers.  I also have a set of jewelry making pliers, but I didn't know where they were right away, so I just used the needle nose pair from the kitchen drawer.    
  So decide how long you want it, open the link and take off the extra and then close it back up.  The use the left overs to make the extra hanging strands.  Open the end loops on the extra strands and hook them to the necklace.  

Umm I hope that made sense.  It really is easy.  I have seen strands of beads linked like this for a few dollars at places like Walmart even.  So for a few bucks you could easily make yourself a new necklace.  Or maybe just up date one you already have.


  1. loooooove the bangs!! They really make your eyes pop!

  2. I love the new bangs, they look really good on you!

  3. Laura,

    The bangs look great. Your face is framed now and you look very happy with the change. I love the necklace. Do you remember where you got your supplies? I would love to make one similar to this for my daughter.


  4. You look amazing! I agree, a small thing can make a big difference, and your eyes look beautifully framed, now. My Visiting Teachers once saw me in the garden, and I invited them in, only to be confronted with a heck of a lot of doggie poop from our very elderly Labrador!

  5. Ditto to the first comment (Megan). Love it

  6. I love your bangs! And that necklace is so pretty! :-)

  7. You look very beautiful. VERY!! And I love your necklace. And I also love the blue shirt and I love that blue end table...the blue chalk paint one you posted about. That is gorgeous. I want to do a blue and brown kitchen...that kind of blue and a deep, rich brown stain. When I get a house that is. Very inspirational blog. I love it!!

  8. I agree, I love your bangs and the necklace colors are beautiful!! I'm a new follower!!

  9. you look great! Glad you were brave and took the plunge!