Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Night Features

I really enjoyed looking through all your awesomeness tonight.  It was just what I needed.

 First of all you have got to see this...
Dear Desiree, please come to my house and help me organize my craft room to look like this.  Seriously, you HAVE TO go over to The 36th Avenue and check out all the perfect little details and then don't be surprised when I totally copy them.  

These are so cute!!  Jamielyn had them at her daughter's birthday party.  I have been thinking a lot about my daughter's baptism, it is coming up in a few months. and I think this would be so cute to do at the little luncheon thing after.  Getting some cute straws is definitely on the list.

This Cherry Almond Cake,  from Bird On A Cake, sounds SO GOOD and it is really pretty too.  I love the design on top.

I love this super big print over the dress.  Just a great idea from Sugar Bee Crafts.


  1. Laura,

    Being ill is the worst part about pregnancy in my opinion. I have only been able to have my daughter but I remember all the yucky morning sickness unfondly. The good news is that it goes away (but not before your ready to rip out your hair) eventually. I am so glad for you even though you have my complete sympathy right now. Good Luck!


  2. Why does everybody have to have so many good ideas and awesomely organized spaces? Puts me to shame, lol. I would settle for a room for me to put all my sewing and art stuff in. Yep. Gotta corral that stuff. Good post, and I want the cake.

  3. so much sweetness happening, love it! :)

  4. hey girl! i love your work!

    follow my new blog, if you wish of course....


  5. Hey Laura, I miss your little corner of the Internet. Hope you are feeling better. When are you due? I'm due July 8!