Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Night Features - Christmas Crafts

I don't know if you watch the news (I don't.) but if you do you may have heard about a major wind storm in Utah on Thursday???  You may have even heard the town Farmington UT mentioned as one of the places hit the hardest.  We are talking reported wind gusts of over 100 mph.  Yeah, I live in Farmington.  It was CRAZY.  and get this... They didn't close the SCHOOLS!!!  What?  I kept my kids home... heck I made my husband stay home half the day, but after the power went out and he couldn't work from home he decided he had a risk it and go in to work.  At least by that point they had realized they needed to keep semi trucks off I-15.  
We were very lucky.  Our power was only out for about 11 hours and the damage to our house was minimal (although there were several moment during the storm that I thought for sure the whole east side of the house was going to blown away), but my neighborhood and a lot of other places were hit HARD.  Roofs blown apart, windows broken, fences blown away, siding and stucco blown off, swing sets blown over.  My husband called me on his way to work.  By that point in the day not a lot of people were going out and he said it looked like a war zone.  

Tonight I am just grateful to be sitting here, on my computer, with electricity and not hearing the sound of wind outside.  Ah it feels good to have things feeling normal... ish.

Shall we move on to the features?  You ladies have been busy.  I love all the Christmas stuff!  I still feel very behind on all my Christmas decorating.  I think next year I am just going to do it before Thanksgiving.  I have done that in the past and I feel like it really gives me more time when December hits.

As I have been getting out my Christmas stuff I realized that my taste has changed over the years and I kinda don't like about half of it.  I wish it all looked more like this.  I love this "Oh, Christmas Tree" mirror, sign, art thing from 52 mantels.  I may be copying that.

I am also rather in love with this felt ice skate garland.  I am thinking maybe using it as inspiration for new stockings.  I could do a different color pom pom thing for each person.  That way the boy's wouldn't be too girly.  That is a great tutorial at Ruby Jean.

What a cute idea from Pocket Change Gourmet.  The embellished canister is really great.

I am loving this advent calendar from 36th Ave.  I think it would have made a great neighbor gift and I love the colors.

I am all about trying to make sure my kids (and I) remember the real reason  we celebrate Christmas.  I think I will have to make one of these for my kids.  You can get the tutorial at Sweeter than Sweets.

And well I am on advent calendars, don't you just love this one from Paper Vine?  I really like the little shadow box area in the middle.


  1. We had some crazy winds down here in Las Vegas, NV too. Not as bad as other areas though, but at one point I thought we'd lose the Christmas lights on the house. lol

  2. That is crazy about the wind storm!! Glad you are safe!!

  3. Thanks for featuring my Christmas tree wreath! What a lovely surprise :)

  4. Thanks for featuring my advent calendar - some wonderful ideas for the holidays here :-)

  5. Thank you so much for sharing my Advent Calendar with your readers! I really appreciate it.

  6. Thanks so much for featuring our goodie canister. That wind storm sounds scary, glad all is well.
    ~Liz@Pocket Change Gourmet

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