Monday, November 21, 2011

Wise Men Still Seek Him Christmas Sign

I am so ready to start Christmas decorating.  Bring on the tree
 Although, some how I know that is will be the year someone will knock over the tree (cough...Bryce).  We have never had a Christmas tree get knocked over before, but we have also never had a almost 2 year old Bryce before.  Don't worry when it happens I will take pictures and tell you all about it.  I am actually considering nailing the tree stand to the floor.  Is that weird?

Anyway, I have been SO good this year about not decorating the house for Christmas super early.  I have only done this one lone vignette at the top of my stairs.

And I only put this stuff out because I made most of it and it seemed silly to put it away for a week... right?  That would have been silly?

Today I am going to share with you how I made the "Wise Men still Seek Him" sign.

I started by laying down some leftover 2x6's I had from building the boy's bunk beds.  You can use pallet wood, cut down fence posts or whatever.  I just lined them up and screwed them to some 1x4's I also had laying around.  Yup so far this sign was FREE.   Oh yeah, the 2x6 are cut to 21 inches.  The over all sign is 21x33 inches.

Next, I used a water based express color wood stain.  I just brushed it on nice and thick and let it sit for about 15 min.

Then I took a lint free cloth (it started out white) and rubbed the stains off.  I did have to rinse out the cloth a few times.

Next, I got the kids ready to go play in the first snowfall of the year.  Come to think of it, you could probably skip this step.

I used my Silhouette to cut the "stencil" for the letters out of vinyl.  I used vinyl because I was going to be glitter blasting it and I didn't want to risk getting it under the stencil.

And since I was going to glitter blast it I covered everything up before I painted it.

I painted the SEEK HIM all white because I really wanted it to stand out.  I let the paint dry, and the I sprayed all the words with a nice thick layer of Diamond Dust Glitter Blast.  (This was my first time using Glitter Blast spray paint.  Word of advice, buy it at a craft store with a 40% off coupon and shake it up a LOT before you spray it.)

Next, I alter Emma's choir t-shirt for her concert.  Ummm okay, this step is also probably not necessary either, but can you tell how her shirt has cute little sleeves that actually fit her.  (she it the one in the white boots.)

To make the star I printed out an 8 point star I found on-line.  I printed it out basically 8.5x11.  Then I glued it to a sheet of STYROFOAM and used a kitchen knife to cut it out.  To sand the edges nice and smooth and use a scrap of foam.  (You may want to save your foam scraped for another project.)

To make it all pretty I sprayed it with gold spray paint and then glitter blasted it.

Once it was dry I hot glued the star to the sign.

Best thing about this sign... the end cost too me was FREE.
I love free awesomeness.


  1. Christmas works are as always fun and I not get bore any time from starting to end. I created star with polka dots and fabric.

  2. Hi, Laura

    I love your sign. It's lovely and perfect! Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. Get yourself a roll of fishing line and stablize the tree. I don't know where you place your tree. If it is near a window treatment, the hardware is a good place. If you can run more than one string, it is better. OR you can tap an anchored hook into the ceiling above the tree and run the fishing line to it. I did this stuff for years. It works. btw. Put away any cherished breakable ornaments for this year. Try to reserve durable ornaments for the lower branches. Happy Holiday!!!! lol

  4. It's beautiful and I love the photos of the kids!

  5. I am in love with this sign. Such a wonderful idea.

  6. I love it Laura! The message the glitter the wood - perfect!

  7. I love your sign, I may have to copy!!

  8. This is so pretty. I have major sign envy.

    Would love it if you would link this to my second every link party, happening now. It's all about beautiful things for Christmas.

    Hope to see you there.

    Rosie x

  9. Laura this is soo lovely that i wish it would 'work' in our house. (I think we're just a bit too ikea for most cool stuff I see!) I'm so pinning it anyway!!

  10. Beautiful sign and I love how simple it is. Now I just need to get a Silhouette. :)

  11. I LOVE this!! Seriously! Hope you don't mind me borrowing your idea!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. How do you create the "stencils" you used for this? Is it tracing paper/vinyl/straight edge? I'm just getting into painting and haven't found an easy/fool proof way to paint letters on wood/canvas yet!

    This sign is beautiful :)

  13. What a beautiful sign. I Love it. I'm also in love with those yard stick drawrs of that beautiful peice of furniture. I love your blog. I'm your newest follower.
    Would love to see you DIY Home Sweet home.

    P.S. I have a linky every Monday. Would love for you to stop by and link up.
    P.S.S. I have giveaway going on right now. Would love you to stop by and check it out.

  14. that is an unbelievably awesome idea!! I LOVE THIS... and really wish I had a Silhouette! :)

    visiting from Tip Junkie

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    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

  16. what a beautiful sign.
    thanks so much for sharing!
    {love} lauryn@

  17. What a lovely sign and a beautiful message!

  18. very nice idea....and beautiful true....Praise God for creativity and Nativity....Mel's Designs...'n Harmony blogspot....Mel

  19. We NEED Him, for sure. Thanks for the lovely reminder this Holy-Day season :D

    Visiting from TT&J tonight,
    Smiles, and happy holidays from Chilly NW Illinois

  20. Hiya
    I hopped over from Tatertots and Jello and boy, I'm glad I did, this is just awesome! A project I can actually this instant as I stare at the sheets of wood (dont ask!) under my desk!! :)

  21. Free awesomeness is the best kind of awesomeness!!
    The sign turned out great!! Thanks for sharing.

  22. That's great! I believe a Silhouette is coming my way this Christmas, so I can't wait to doe projects like these! I love a good Christ-centered CHRISTmas project!

  23. i really love this!! i'm a big fan of all of the wood signs that people have been doing. so cute!

  24. I absolutely, positively ADORE this sign!!!!

  25. Love it! Do you mind sharing which font's you used? Thanks, Lisa

  26. I've been looking for a sign like that! Thanks for giving me the idea to make one myself. Good job! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  27. where did you aget the spray paint at, i am looking for some to do a wedding reception for my son, i need sliver and white. sure would love to know where you got it, let me know if you can