Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter Wonderland Snow Globes

When I thought of these snow globes I totally thought I was being so original, then low and behold Anthropologie totally stole my idea.  The JERKS.  No, I am sure they didn't do it on purpose.

Mine are better than theirs anyway, because mine are on the cute little stands and mine were $18 for 5 and theirs are $25- $30 EACH.

Start by gathering up some supplies.

Okay, get yourself some jars. (they are like .25 at thrift stores.)  I also used a baby food jar.  It is so cute.  Get little wood candle sticks and wood discs to make the bases, some trees from the dollar store, some 3 inch foam balls, white spray paint and hot glue.

To make the wood bases just get little wood disks and candle stick things.  Glue them together and to the top of the jar lids, then spray them white.

Cut a STYROFOAM ball to put the trees on inside the jars.  I sanded it using another piece of STYROFOAM.  Glue the STYROFOAM disk to the base and the tree to the disk.

To make the snow I used a little of the iridescent snowflakes from a craft store mixed with snow I made by rubbing two pieces of foam together.  I put a little snow in the jar screw it on the the base, shook it around and enjoyed my new snow globes.


  1. I love those, and they look simple enough that they could be fun to make with kids! Thanks!

  2. LOVE the "Wise Men Still Seek Him". TOTALLY making that! (And love the mason jar snow globes - Don'tcha hate it when Anthropologie does that?)

  3. I love these! My daughter was just telling me yesterday how she wanted to make her own and I justs really didn't know how to start! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love this craft! Mine would never look that good, but yours are awesome! I may try this in modified form with my kiddos. They love to craft!

  5. Gorgeous!!! I like yours WAY better than the anthro ones! The whole display is really pretty!

  6. These looks so wonderful and I love the little stands you put them on....thank you for the inspiration and great tutorial....I included your snow globes in my Christmas craft showcase today.

  7. These are beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial!

  8. Hi! Visiting from Chic on a shoestring. Love your globes! I like them better then the anthropologie ones! Very lovely :)

    I would love for you to share this at my Friday link party.. and enter my TinyPrints giveaway while youre there :)

  9. Laura, these are so beautiful along with your other projects that appear in these photos!

  10. Just found you, and I simply ADORE this wonderful idea!

  11. Laura,
    your globes are the best! Just found you and have enjoyed browsing thru! Am your newest follower and will be back often! Would love for you to visit me!

  12. I love these! I'm going to make them with my kids for grandparent gifts! pinned.

  13. DANG GIRL!!! These are SO CUTE!! Can't wait to copy..heeeheeee! Thanks for sharing :)

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}

  14. Ah...I love this idea..super cute. I'll have to make several of these. Will have to go hunting for little fun Christmas objects tomorrow:)Great tutorial.

    Love your blog by the way.

    December wishes

  15. Really clever idea,also wondering if you could tell me what to use to glaze dried orange slices for decorations,thanks Cath



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