Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You have 7 more hours to enter the $75 Mixed Bag giveaway.

First I wanted to remind all of you that you have 7 more hours to enter the $75 Mixed Bag giveaway .  And remember there will be 3 winners so your chances of winning are really good.

Secondly, I actually have a few projects and tutorials to share with you, but I am having some technically difficulties.   You see on Saturday I pull out my laptop and when I went to use it I noticed something seemed not quite right.  My lap top was dripping wet.  Yup that is right, when holding up my laptop there was actually water (at least I hope it was water) dripping out of it.  I launched a full investigation and the kids concluded that a ghost did it.  Some how I have a hard time believing their theory, but considering there was nothing wet around it I think something supernatural must have happened.  ;)  Regardless my computer is not so usable right now, making blogging is a little difficult.  Hopefully I will get it all figured out soon.


  1. Good luck with the laptop. I just had to reformat mine after it crashed. Took me out of the blogosphere for about a week.

  2. pull it all apart and use a hair dryer to dry out all components........the IT boys at work saved my computer when it was flooded upon....and works perfectly

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