Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Night Features

Good news my laptop should be back to normal on MONDAY .  yeah.....  Right now I am using my husband's laptop and it just doesn't feel right.  Computers are funny that way, kinda like cars and cell phones.  They are all basically the same and yet using someone else makes you feel like you don't know how to use one.  right?  His computer doesn't have my pictures, or my setting, and I don't even have my cute little Laura signature thing to put at the bottom of my posts.  :(  And I don't want to put my stuff his computer.  ya know.  Or am I just a weirdo   Either way I should be full operation on Monday.

But tonight I am at least operational enough to bring you some great features from some of the awesomeness you guys have been up to.

I can't WAIT to start making fall (and Halloween) stuff.  I love love love decorating for Halloween.  I may need to make one of these cuties from Every Creative Endeavor.  I love Fall.

I also love the wreath from Home Stories A to Z .  I am trying to decide if I should make a new wreath for fall or just make my Halloween wreath from last year work for the whole season.

There is a great tutorial for these vintage looking jars from Not Just A Housewife.

I am over the moon about Ava's big girl room at Sassy Sanctuary .   Totally sweet!

How CUTE is this monster cake????  Cake pop eyes are genius.  Total genius from Makoodle.  I wonder if I can talk Logan into wanting a monster cake for his birthday this year?  I am thinking it will be hard to top how much he loved last year's cake. 

I am in awe of table from The Craft Monkey .  She did such a good job.

I wish I had the buffet from The Frosted Gardner ... and somewhere to put it.



  1. You're not a weirdo at all! My boyfriend has one of those tiny net books and usually my patience with trying to use it lasts for about .5 seconds. I love button shadow boxes! I've actually been lurking ebay to find a button lot just for that project!

    A Sweet Release

  2. Thanks so much for featuring Ava's room! I too am in awe over that table with the barn wood bottom. SO pretty!

  3. Oh my goodness! Thank you ever so much for featuring our white buffet. What a pleasure. And we are your newest follower. THanks Laura! Yipee!