Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh for the Love.... I really want this fabric.

Here is the problem with online fabric stores, they are full of stuff I want and all I have to do is sit around on my computer adding it to a cart.

Currently I am sitting here wanting these lovelies for my front room.

Do you see a color scheme here?

I can't even begin to decide what color I like this best in..

And I really want to make Emma a dress using this..

or this..

or pretty much anything from the heirloom line.  LOVE IT!

Stupid Joel Dewberry and his beautiful beautiful fabrics. 

I am kidding.  I don't think he is stupid.  I just wish he would stop reading my mind and giving me exactly what I want; my bank account can't take it.


  1. Love those fabrics! The Joel dewberry is totally the color scheme I am going for in my office. Thanks for sharing.

  2. all those fabrics are beautiful, they make me want to sew something. I came from Today's Creative Blog, congrats on the feature!!

  3. Laura,
    You are so funny. I am the same way! All of a sudden I have 39 items in my cart and no money to buy any of it. So I just sit here stomping my feet and sulk over it. I am not sure if this is TOTALLY illegal, it probably is, but I saved the image of some fabrics I love and used them as backgrounds for blog buttons and even printed them out for scrapbooking. The "man" is probably coming for my now that I wrote that, but oh well...

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