Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Night Features - Fantastic Furniture

I bought a lot of furniture at the DI this week (2 chairs, a dresser, and a table).  Now I am mulling over how to redo them.  I just can't decide how I want them to look.  Ummm so much to think about. Green, black, white, grey, wax, stain, chalk paint, milk paint, or good old latex paint.

For now I am still enjoying looking at all the fantastic furniture you all have redone.

This hutch from Heritage Home Creations is so classic and beautiful.  I would be a perfect match with my dinning set.

This table redo from That's My Letter is brilliant and there is a tutorial.

This dresser at Crafty Scrappy Happy is so wonderful and I love the color and pulls.

Why do I love stuff that looks like it has been sitting in a ditch for years?  Often when I bring stuff home my husband says it looks like garbage and I am like "That is why I love it."  And I love this chair from The Old Block House.  LOVE that seat.

The redo on this hutch at Recaptured Charm is amazing.  You should go check out the before.  She used milk paint.  I have been wanting to try milk paint.


  1. Looove that chair too,lol,my hubby says the same to me..i have an old chair out in my shed,worn and loved for years when i bought it and i love it too!

  2. We actually found our bed in a ditch. We lived way out in the country, and one day, we were driving down a dirt road and saw it in the ditch. It was filthy, in pieces, and I could see how pretty it could be with a bit of effort. So, we threw it in the back of the truck and took it home. It needed one minor repair, then I stripped it and refinished it. The whole bed cost the price of a few boards for bed slats. Now, we have a gorgeous 4 poster bed with a carved headboard.

  3. Oh my gosh! I came over here to tell you how much I love your sign and you have my dresser featured over here! I am SOOO honored! I hope this means we can be blog friends :o) I am for sure a new follower----it looks like I am going to be very inspired by you! I am excited you re-finish furniture too!
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

  4. looks like I am going to inspired

  5. I'm so glad you loved my chair! Thank you for including it in this post.

    I'm doing a bit of playing with the paints to learn on smaller pieces before the large ones in the garage get a new do. It's so much fun!

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