Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School Parties

I realize I may have been a little bit crazy to throw two parties for my kids in one day at my house, but they went so well and I am really glad I did it.  I was talking to my mom and she asked "now why are you having parties?"  And I was all like "because the kids are going back to school."  Like that truly was a valid, non-silly reason to have a party.
So the first party of the day was our Wet and Wild Popsicle party.  It was a blast and amazingly inexpensive (two things I always enjoy in a party).

Okay, so for this party we had 14 kids, 40 popsicles, 24 bottles of water, 1 kiddie pool, 1 bounce house water slide, and 1 bubble machine, and about 250 water balloons.  In total is cost less than $20 (because I was able to borrow the bounce house waterside from a friend.)  I was also planing on setting up a Slip n' Slide (or as Logan would say "a blip and blide"), but I didn't get it out before the kids got there.

 The kids loved the bounce house, but honestly the real hit of the party was all the water balloons.  Even if you can't get a hold of a bounce house, just make sure you have a TON of water balloons and the kids will think you are amazing.    I bought 250 and was very surprised at how quickly they went through them all.  They really loved the long skinny ones, I should have done more of those.  I got most the balloons from the Target dollar spot.

I also had a bubble machine going the whole time.  Months ago, I got the boys those Crayola  colored bubbles.  Never Never Ever buy those.  I hadn't heard anything about them way back then, and so I bought them thinking "oh tinted bubbles fun."  No that is not the case.  They are actually paint with a little bubble solution in it and they do stain almost anything they touch.  For the party I diluted the colored bubbles with a ton of normal bubble (like 1:4) and put them in the bubble machine.  They still turned everything they touched green.  It came off the kids and their suits fine, but it did still stain the concrete.

This is the face Emma made when I told her she was turning green.  She didn't think it was funny.  But they did all have a lot of fun playing in the bubbles.

and did I mention that 14 kids ate 40 popsicles so obviously everyone had a good time.

Once the popsicle party was over I had a few hours to get ready for Emma's Night Owl Ice Cream Party.

I was really excited to have this party.  When the class lists came out for school I thought it would be really fun to have a party for all the girls in the class to get to know each other before school started.  Tracking everyone down was a little hard, but I managed to get a invite to every girl in the class.

I had the girls come in their pjs and bring a sundae topping to share.

When the girls got there the bounce house was still out, so I let them play on it from a while, while everyone arrived.  I had moved the sofas in the family room close together and laid down a big blanket and had two very large bowls of popcorn waiting for the girls when they came in to start the movie. 

About half way through the movie we took a little intermission and I had each girl introduce herself really quickly before we enjoyed some ice cream. 

My favorite is the whip cream wrapped in a funny owl paper.  Super Easy, but really cute.

I totally let the girls go crazy with the ice cream.

They were SHOCKED that I let them make their own sundaes with as much stuff on it as they wanted and eat as much as they wanted.  If you are letting little girls do this, you may want to buy more that 3 cans of whip cream.  

They really like whip cream.

When the movie was over we went back outside and lit a paper lantern I had left over from Emma's birthday party.

This picture is actually from Emma's birthday.  I didn't take any pictures of the one from this party because I was alone with 12 seven year old girl flying something I lit on fire I didn't think it was a good idea to run an get the camera.

Since the parties I have have several of the kid's moms tell me what a good time they had.    I am really glad, and it goes to show (or at least it shows me) that I don't have to go crazy from the kids to have a good time.


  1. What a fun party! Great the sundae bar!

  2. What a great idea the Night Owl Party was! The owl papers were such a great touch! What a great memory.

  3. You *are* the cool mom. It will really pay off when they are teenagers and happy to hang out at your house... where you know what they're up to. Worked for my mom. Good job.

  4. What an awesome weekend! Looks like you guys had tons of fun! We did our pumpkins last night and I had Myles paint his. He did it for a little bit but it didn't last that long. I like the way the green one turned out! Bounce houses