Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A quick t-shirt resizing tutorial

I put this knowledge to use ALL THE TIME.   It seems like anytime one of my kids get a t-shirt for something (like baseball or choir) it is always HUGE.   So why not resize it.  It really it very easy.

First go into your child's closet and grab a tee that you like the way it fits and lay it out on top of the too big tee.

I like to use my rotary cutter.  Start by cutting off the extra fabric at the sides, curving in at the arms.  Then I like to cut off the extra on the the bottom.  Sometimes I will just leave the tee the length it was if it is not too much too long.  Or you can just leave it with the raw cut at the bottom (since knits don't fray and it will end up rolling up a little) Or you can cut it, leaving about a half inch seam allowance.

To get the new sleeve, once again lay the tee you like on top to the too big tee and cut out a piece the same size and shape as the one you like.

You should know have three pieces that need to be sewn together.

With right sides together, sew the sleeves on first.  Once your tee looks like the picture above, just put it right sides together again.  I like to start at the sleeves and I just serge (but I am sure you can use a sewing machine) the bottom of the sleeve down to the bottom of the tee.  I also like to go back over the ends to reinforce the stitches.  now if you kept your original hem or if you are leaving the hem raw then you are done. If you want to put a hem on it I find the easiest way is just to put a matching color of thread in my sewing machine.  Then being careful not to stretch the the knit fold over and iron down the half inch seam allowance you left at the bottom.  Then use a zig zag stitch on the inside to lock the edge down.  Serger may be able to give you a more professional look, but that is a lot more thread to change out so the thread color matches the tee.

And there you have it.  A tee shirt that actually looks like a tee shirt your kid would wear rather than a night shirt.

BTW...  I am such a proud mama I just have to let you all know that my little Emma girl was crowned Little Miss Farmington tonight.  She is so excited and so am I.  It is a really great community program with a lot of opportunity to serve others.  And she gets to wear a pretty crown and dress and be in the Festival Days Parade.

Here she is with last years Little Miss, Miss Farmington, and Miss Farmington's Attendants.