Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Night Features

Oh MAN... I am already pretty sure I am not going to sleep tonight, but I just had to share a few little bits of awesomeness.

I LOVE this birthday crown from Kiki Creates.  And you can change it out to be a helping queen or school star crown too.  Too cool.  

Look at the cute little wheels on the bottom of this BEAUTIFUL dresser from studio 1404.

Such a pretty foyer from Stories A to Z.

Wonderful Besty Ross inspired chairs from That's My Letter.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.   I know mine is going to be tons of fun and crazy jam packed.  We are in yet another parade, I have a cake tasting, my hubby and I are actually going on a date, I am subbing in nursery at church (there is a lot of mental preparasion that goes into being in a room with 8-10 18 months olds), we have a neighborhood walk and talk, and our big family reunion starts Monday.   Fun, fun, fun. 
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