Friday, June 10, 2011

What I've been doing and Friday Night Features

Have you missed me???  maybe a little?  I can't believe I haven't even turned my computer on the last few days.   I have been so busy with trips to the zoo  (yes we went twice, my kids just can't get enough of the dinosaurs they have at the Hogle Zoo this summer.)

a family reunion,

Birthday parties (yes we kidnapped a friend of mine and took her out for ice cream for her birthday.  I haven't felt that 16 years old since I was like 19 and don't worry her husband was in on it.)

swimming lessons, baseball games,

and of course just hanging out listening to music and eating cheerios.

I am beginning to think that this is going to be a busy summer and I may have to be a little MIA for a while.  :) But I am still working on awesome projects in my "spare" time and I hope you will bear with me over this crazy summer.

Ok so really quick before I move on to the Friday Night Features, I just had to share this one picture with all of you.
On the left is Emma and baby Alan Boy back in June of 2007 at the zoo and on the right you see baby Bryce at the zoo in June 2011.  Don't they totally look like that is the same kid?  Cute cute brothers.  I always thought Bryce was Alan's mini me.

Anyway.. On to the features!!!

Are you loving these benches from The 36th Ave.?  They would look really cute pulled up to my dining table.

There is a great tutorial for the awesome Pottery Barn knock off planked sign over at Every Creative Endeavor.

There is also a great tutorial for this totally cute solar powered lantern over at Love Sweet Love.

I have plans to make something like this out of fabric, but I am loving the idea of using scrapbook paper instead.  There is also a funny story that goes along with this over at My Life and Kids.

And can I just say I LOVE this love art from Young and Crafty.  If (or should I say when)  I ever get around to decorating my master bed room I will definitely have to remember this.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Love all the cute pictures of the kiddos and all their fun activities; what a busy momma you are!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my "love" art!


  3. WOW! Laura thank you so much for the feature you are too kind!!! Thanks for making my night! :)

  4. Thank you soooo much for the feature. It made me so happy to hear from you.

    I will shout-it-out tomorrow morning on my FB Page.

    ...Thanks again ;)