Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today Was Kind a Big Day at Corner House

for a few reasons.  First of all I am super EXCITED to announce Corner House's new web address.    As you may know the old one was corner--house.blogspot.com and the NEW address is cornerhouseblog.com.  Better, right???  Most of you probably won't even notice the change, you should automatically be redirected to the new one if you type in the old one.  The only thing you may need to do, is if you are one of those Totally Awesome, Super Wonderful people who have a link to Corner House in a blog list on your blog, you will want to change it to the new address so that you will still be able to see it when I post new stuff.

Everybody got that?  New address... cornerhouseblog.com.  Learn it, Love it, Use it. :)

Alrighty, next up.  I have decided it is time.  I am going to open Corner House up to sponsors and giveaways.  So if you are interested in either doing a giveaway or advertising here on Corner House just shoot me an email and we will work out the details.  I will also be getting a page up with more info about all this in the next few days.

And finally, what I think is the most exciting news of all, Jill from Studio 5 was here (in my home) today taping a spot for the Happy Home segment.  She interviewed Bryce and I about Bryce's room and it should be airing sometime in the next month.  It was a lot of fun, so now I just have to wait around to see it air and hope I don't look like a big dumb dork (anything is possible).  I will make sure to let you all know when it will be on so if you live in Utah you can tune in.