Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Bunk Room for my Boys

After Logan had been potty training for a while and I was starting to get desperate I asked him what he really wanted and told him we would get it for him once he was finally fully potty trained.    Logan is one of those kids that really didn't care about being potty trained.  I think the phrases "I don't want underwear." and "Oh, I like diapers."  have been heard from him more than once.  (He was already 3 when I finally made him start)
Can you believe the thing he wanted was a yellow big boy bed and now that he getting so close to being done I have to start thinking about getting that big boy bed.

The boy's room is currently only somewhat done.  The walls are painted and I like the "curtains." It has a twin bed that I love and got for $20, but I kinda think it is a little girly for a boy's room.  A shelf that I got from free and that little toddler bed that I got for free.  None of it really fits with my vision for the room.  I am thinking I want to turn it into a bunk room, since I am still kinda thinking I will have Bryce in there too once he is a little older.  3 boys in 3 years.... they can all share one room right? And I can totally build a large bunk bed unit... right? (btw that door in the picture is the closet not the door to the room in case you are wondering and the boys picked the shark theme.)

Here's a little inspiration just to give you an idea of what I am thinking.

The ceiling treatment in this room is exactly how I want to do the boys ceiling, but I am kinda leaning more toward doing a board n batten inspired treatment on the ceiling (it sounds cheaper and easier).  I really love the unit.  I love the nets on the top bunks, the built in shelves, and are those port holes in the head board?.

I like the idea of doing twin over full.  That way if we had a lot of family come into town we could put a lot of boy in that room or fulls are big enough for grownups to be comfortable too.

I really like the port hole windows and the middle section on this one.  I only have about 159 inches of usable wall before I run into the closet door so I don't think I will have room for something like that

I would definitely have room for something like this.  Once again I like the porthole, but I don't like how high the top bunk it and that there are no safety rails.  Both problems I could fix.  It also looks like there are trundles under them.  Love that idea. 

I a pretty sure those pretty lamp shades and pictures would last about 15 mins with my boys in there and once again it is too long, but it is pretty.

I wish I had room for this room.  

Anyway, I know once when I was wondering around in blogland I came across some great blogs that have a ton of furniture design blue print/ how to kinda posts.  But now I can't find any.  Is there one you like?  I will have too keep looking for that one I liked.  I knew I should have saved a link or followed it or something.

UPDATE:  I found the site I was thinking of.  It is Ana White.  Maybe I just like her because she is from Alaska.  Or because her site is awesome.  But still if you know of other great sites like hers I would LOVE to know about them.


  1. Love those ideas and we went the less permenant route. A kid I use to baby sit had a metal twin over full metal framed bunk bed and that is what I wanted for my son's room. I scoured craigslist daily until I found one...for $30! I love it and plan on putting family in the boys room when they come to visit.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! When you're done with your boys room you better plan on coming and doing mine!! ;)

  3. I love those rooms! I had three boys in three years too, they all share a room. It works out well most of the time....

  4. I love the sailor one and the sailor/Americana one.

  5. These are some fun ideas and a nice spin on the bunk bedroom beds. I can't wait to see what you end up doing.

  6. Those rooms are all amazing! I can't wait to see what you end up doing!

  7. The design confidential is another builders website, if you were to send her pictures of what you wanted, she could even sketch them up for you. Ana White will, too, but she seems busier. I'm about to have my third boy, and he'll have to share a room with his brothers, so I'm very interested, too! Good luck!

  8. Great ideas! I have been thinking of a bunkbed too. Can't wait to see what you decide upon.

  9. I know their amazing