Monday, May 2, 2011

Scott's 30 Birthday Party

For Scott's 30th birthday I planned a surprise party.  Oh man the lying I had to do to pull it off.  I was a little surprised at what a good liar I am.  I pretty much ROCK at lying to my husband. :)  Actually usually I kinda suck at lying, but I guess when it is for a good cause I rock.
Anyway my husband LOVES popcorn and lemonade, so although Scott would not be very keen on the idea of a party theme, I thought "Popcorn and Lemonade"  made the perfect party theme.  After all without a theme at all it is hard to narrow down a direction for the party.

I made Scott a little banner and we had Strawberry Lemonade and Cherry Limeade.  Plus a few kinds of popcorn and other yummy food.

Instead of a cake I made cupcakes.  I actually lied about 6 weeks in advance and told Scott I had a big cupcake order for that Saturday so he wouldn't be suspicious of me making all the cupcakes.  There was another great lie when a friend of his showed up at the house a week early (during Emma's Tangled party).  Luckily I answered the door and when Scott asked me who it was I coolly said "Oh just someone trying to sell something."  But possible the best lie of all was when about 2 hours before the party was supposed to start I realized I forgot to get cups.  (yeah I am not sure how that one switched my mind) I had NO time to go get some, so I told Scott that I told his aunt that we would bring cups to the baptism the next day and asked him to got get some when he went to get some root beer.

So would you like to know how I made the cupcakes???
The pink lemonade cupcakes are just plain old white cake, but for the frosting I actually used pie filling.  It is a can of sweetened condensed milk, a tub of Cool Whip, and a packet of Kool Aid (you know the little ones that you have to add sugar too).  Just whip those all up, let them chill an hour or so and frost it on like you would any other frosting...  or pour it in to a graham cracker pie shell.

For the pop corn cupcakes I made my old standby chocolate chocolate chocolate cupcake.  It is the same as the recipe here.  Then put a little frosting on top to stick your popcorn to.  I actually added the pop corn right away because it doesn't stick as well if the frosting drys a little first.

To make the "popcorn" first pour out some mini marshmallows on a plate and lightly spray them with a food coloring.  I used Wilton's Color  Mist. You can get it most places that sell Wilton brand stuff.

Then pick up a marshmallow and pinch it in one hand while you cut the other end. Kind like you are cutting an X in it.  Pinching it as you cut it kinda makes it pop a little and look more like popcorn.  The ones here are some of the first I did, before I figured out the pinching thing.

The first one I did I cut the marshmallows, put them on the cupcake, and then sprayed it (on the left).  The one on the right I sprayed the marshmallows first and the put them on the cupcake (on the right).


  1. That all looks rather tasty.... I can never pull anything like that off. I have tried and it always turns up in a huge fail. But at least I can look at everyone else's pretty pictures and dream.

  2. So fun!! What a great wife you are. :)

  3. Super Cute!!! I love the cupcakes!

  4. Ummm, these are adorable, and the pink frosting sounds delicious! I'll have to keep ythat in mind for my kids b-days this summer. I'd love for you to stop by my blog sometime,

  5. those are so cute The party looks fun and adorable of course which is always important. I am visiting from sumo's sweet stuff linky party. come and say hi

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