Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Bloggers' Quilt Festival Favorites

Well, this pillow isn't from the Quilt Festival, but it is quilty and think it a awesome, so I am including it in this post.   I am sure a similar pillow will be found in my daughter's room when the time comes.

Ok now get ready to fall in love.   I want to make every single one of these and then fold them in a nice beautiful pile and then just step back and smile.  And then put them to good use.


I think a spider web quilt is next on my "quilts I must make" list. Amazing!

I am such a sucker for a pretty purple and green color scheme.   You really should go check out the close ups on these fabrics.  They are great.

I love the bright happiness of this quilt paired against the devastation behind it.  It it such a beautiful statement, and quilt.

So cute.  There really is no other word for it....well maybe fun or awesome.

I love the clean bright happiness in this one.  

From Sew it up, Baby

MMmmm that orange with all those pretty prints.   Looks like summer.

This quilt is crazy (crazy awesome)!  Go check out the full pattern.

So many wonderful prints.  I think I have a few of those in my stash right now. 

I recent realized there was such a thing as a "single girl quilt".    First of all, Funny!  I can only assume it is a play on the wedding ring quilt.  And second, I think I like it better.  

Ahhh Now I have so many quilts I need to make.  I think someone needs to invent a special time freezing devise so moms have more time.  We should make it a cafter's challenge (a crafter with a challenge can make anything right?).   It would probably be covered in mod podge and book pages, but if it lets me get more done, all the better. 


  1. Thank you for showing my quilt, I love the collection of beautiful quilts and feel honoured to be included!!

  2. Thank you very much for showing my quilt too, I love that you have shown a collection of your favourites from the Festival, it's a great idea. I'm over the moon that you included mine.

  3. Thanks so much for including my quilt in such an amazing bunch of quilts! I've linked up to follow you :/)

  4. Thank you for featuring my quilt - what a honor to be included with these gorgeous quilts! I just LOVE that camper quilt, wow.

  5. Laura thank you for the honor of being featured on your blog! Feel free to add a link to the title of my blog. :o)

  6. I want to make that first quilt... its amazing. I'm still on squares.

  7. Thanks so much for featuring my pedestal bowl.

    I love all of those quilts! I've been itching to make one and have finally gotten my studio clean enough to do so. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Thanks for including mine! There were so many beautiful quilts... I love that festival. :)