Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Guess Who's House These Pictures Where Taken At?

That's right MINE!!!!

This time last year my yard was literally nothing but dirt.

In May last year we dug all the trenches (the old fashioned way, you know shovels and a lot of crazy), put in the sprinkler system, and I built the rock path and walls.

Then in June we laid some sod.

but that was about it until this spring when we started planting.

 And now I am please to say this is in my yard.  I have never had a yard of my own before (we always lived in apartment type things before and growing up I lived on 1.5 acres in Alaska, but my dad took care of all yard stuff.  I think he liked to get away from all of us girls in the house.)  So lets hope I don't kill it all.  I probably will.  I still have more trees to plant and weeding to do.  Scott weeded and then put down Preen a few weeks ago, but then we have a ton of wind storms and I think we need to do it again.  When we are done-ish I will show you what is all looks like.
Sadly all of your home improvement budget this year is going towards getting things done in the yard, so there is less I can do in the house.  Which reminds me....  there are still 2ish days left to vote for the room makeover on Vintage Revivals.  Please go vote for me so I don't have to walk past my sad and empty front room everyday for the rest of the year (and maybe forever).


  1. Is that your building basically across the street?

  2. @Kelli Brewer

    Yes, the church is literally right across the street. That was one of the reasons I picked this lot. I love being able to just run home to change a diaper.

  3. Don't suppose you have a DIY for the stone path and beds. Our house is being finished up within the next few months and I'm going to have to build some paths and beds for it.

  4. Okay got my vote in. Enjoy your yard!

  5. I'm excited for you; we've got to come down and check it out!