Sunday, May 22, 2011

Corner House's First Blog-aversary

Wowsers.  I can't believe it is my first blog-averary already.  As most things do, it kinda snuck up on me.  I remembered a few weeks ago that is was coming up, but then I got SUPER busy and boom it was here.
I thought it would be kinda fun to take a little stroll back over this past year and take a peek at some of my favorite projects.  So in no particular order here are my favorites from this past year.

The Baby Life Quilt.  This is still Bryce's (and my) favorite quilt.  He uses it almost every night and I love going in his room to get him when he wakes up and he hands me this quilt.  Then I wrap it around him and I get to cuddle him a little before he wiggles away to go be crazy naughty.  Why do babies have to grow up?

I am still LOVING my family room makeover.  So of course my first try at wall molding and my bird family portrait  had to be among my favorite projects.

Ahh the princess skirt.  Maybe it is because of the wonderful memories I  have of meeting princesses with my sweet girl (if only everyday could be that easy and happy) or maybe it is because I was so proud of myself for making a character theme skirt that doesn't look dumb, but I have quite an attachment to this skirt.

Emma's Room.  I love Emma's room.  I especially love the bed tutu and the large castle on the wall.  I totally wish it was my room.  Although I feel like it needs a bit of a revamp, to bad that is so far down on the old project priority list.

Logan's 3rd Birthday Cake.   Logan was just such a cute birthday boy and he really LOVED his zoo train cake.

In the hallway heading down to the mud room you will see "every child is an artist."  I love having a great place to display all of their wonderful art than isn't all over my refrigerator.  The kids have had a lot of fun picking what art they want to have up in their clip board. 

 Emma's not just a ruffle bum skirt.  I actually made this just before I started this blog (or even really knew there was such a thing as craft blogs)  so there is no post about it.  I think we have gotten more wear out of this skirt then probably any other  article of clothing I have made for Emma.  And I love this skirt because I made it for Emma to wear to her Kindergarten program after which we got this wonderful family picture (you got to love 2 year olds).

 Not me, but Laura's 18th birthday cake.  Probably my favorite cake to date.  I always love a cake that matches my home decor.

 I still wish this skirt was my size.

Baby Lyle's pinwheel quilt and faux chenille blanket.  I am still planning on making a faux chenille blanket that will stay in my house, but until than I will have to just look at the pictures.   What a great learning experience these both were for me.

I know this was recent, but I just had to count Emma's Rapunzel party as one of my favorites.

Last but not least, and most recent there is Bryce room revamp.  I really wish I could just have all of you come and hang out in there with me.  There is something about the happy peacefulness that is in that room that just doesn't quite show up in pictures.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me.  I have some fun projects coming up this next week (if I ever get them done.)


  1. Happy BlogAversary! I love your blog. Logan's birthday cake is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!

    I found you on the Say Hi Sunday blog hop. I wish you many years of blogging ahead!

  2. oh my goodness that baby lifes quilt is darling!!! You are such an inspiration. I make like one quilt and feel good ha ha. I need one of those, I'll have to ask you how you did it. Anyways, like I've said before you are amazing!

  3. Happy Blogoversary! :) Such a fun blogging milestone to hit. Love all the photos- you've done a great job decorating your home. And your cakes look amazing.

    Found you thru Say Hi Sunday... I'm now your newest follower. :)

  4. Hi, I found you through the Say Hi Sunday Blog Hop and am your newest follower. Congratulations on your Blog-anniversary, you showcased some wonderful photos! If you get a chance stop over and check out my “Cupboard”…..hope to see you soon!

    ~KerrieLynn Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
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  5. what fun projects & wonderful memories!!!

  6. What a nice blog you have! I'm a new follower, found you at Grosgrain...

  7. Wow you have so many great projects!! Definitely LOVING that baby quilt as my favorite. You are very talented!

    Deviantly Domesticated

  8. WOW!!! I can tell I'm going to be spending a good while checking out your cute blog!!! Your cakes are unbelievable and the skirts are fantastic!!! :)

  9. I am so in love with that quilt oh my heck. I pinned it. I am visiting from I heart nap time
    Come and say hi I love visitors and will be doing a giveaway this week

    A Mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  10. What great memories and projects! Beautiful blog!

  11. Hi, I'm Snoodles from Lilypadquilting! I took you up on your invitation to come to your blog! Love it!
    I think the very first picture is awesome - can't quite figure out which is the bestest project! LOL Of course, the baby! But the quilt is great, too!
    Love your renos of your house, and all your creative ideas! I follow you now!
    Jacque in SC

  12. I found you through the Somewhat Simple link up. Can I just say, I absolutely love that picture of your family that goes with the ruffle skirt. It's absolutely priceless in my humble opinion. I also love the baby life blanket. I'm gonna do some more looking around and I'll probably follow you after this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Love the quilt. So cute. If you get time check out my blog, I also have some cute baby stuff.
    Have a good day!!

  14. Wow I had so much fun looking at your favorite posts, you did a lot of awesome projects!

  15. It's absolutely priceless in my humble opinion.