Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival

I may have mentioned before, but I LOVE quilts.  I love all the patterns and colors.  The first crafty thing I ever really made was actually my daughter's baby quilt (if you don't count school art projects and stuff like that).  One day, about 9 months pregnant, I got the sewing machine my wise mother had given me out of a box, got out the stack of fat quarters I was given with the sewing machine and made my first quilt.
The quilt I want to share for Blogger's Quilt Festival is actually the one I made for this baby.

I machined pieced it, but then quilted most of it by hand.  Which took forever and that is why he was actually about 8 months old by the time I finished it.

I quilted in little snails and the poem "Snip of snail and puppy dog tails, thats what little boys are made of."

Over the past three years since its completion this quilt has been very loved.  It is funny to see it now, all faded.  I love to see a well loved quilt.

Amy's Creative Side

Go check out all the BEAUTIFUL quilts at the festival and I will be sure to feature a few of my favorites when the festival it over.