Monday, May 9, 2011

Alan's Mario Party

Lately I feel like all I have been doing are birthday parties and cakes. I am really ready to get back into some more DIY/home decor type projects.  But first I have to share Alan's Mario party with you.

So basically ever since his party last year Alan told me he wanted a Star Wars party.  For months that was all I heard.  Then about 8 days before his birthday, the very day I was in fact going to start making his Star Wars invitations, he informs me we wants a Mario party.  I blame his father really.  Alan hadn't even considered his options until my sweet loving husband asked him what kind of party he wanted and was kind enough to make a few suggestions (not realizing that mommy had already planned out a Star Wars party in her head and bought stuff for it.)  I might have made him stay with the Star Wars theme, except I wasn't really that thrilled with it to begin with and I could still return the stuff I had bought.  Don't get me wrong I have nothing against Star Wars, it just is very grey and black and doesn't easily lend its self to a cute cake without a LOT of work.

Anyway, I really quickly threw together a Mario Party and now Daddy knows that if he is going to make suggestions about party ideas he had better not do it a week before their birthday and once a theme is picked he needs to keep his big mouth shut.

For the invites I just printed off a bunch of these.  I have the party details on the right where all the blankness is.  To get the background I just got a free desktop background off the internet.  On the game every time they go into a level Mario says "Let's go" so that is why I had it say Let's go to Alan's 5th Birthday Partii.

I really wanted a cupcake tower that could have a cake on top of it.  I couldn't find what I was looking for anywhere, so I made one.

It is just 2 cups and 3 trays from the dollar store, Gorilla glued together, and spray painted blue with a little left over spray paint.

For the Party I made invincibility star cupcakes, power up growing mushroom suckers (large marshmallows on sticks half way into red chocolate), and a 2 tier Mario cake.

The cake is not my best work.  I decorated it about an hour before the party started.

I made little labels that I just glued onto the front of juice boxes.

And my favorite detail was the boo ghosts.  

I had about 10 of them hung up all over the dinning room.

To make them I just blew up some white balloons, drew the face on with a sharpie, and the taped white paper cones on for the wings.

You can kinda tell, but all the kids a totally sweaty in this picture.  They had been playing hard.

I really wanted to keep this party easy so I had episodes of Super Mario Bother's on when the kids got there.  Then once everyone was there we ate lunch, opened presents and went to play at Boondocks.  We just played in the "Kiddie Kove" area.  Which was nice because the kids had a blast climbing and jumping, but they couldn't run all over the place so it was easy to keep an eye on them.  After that we headed back home. If you are doing a Mario party there are these really great Mario trading cards that they have at Target (they might be sold over places, but I got them at Target.)  Anyway the card packs are sold individually or in a box.  The box is great because it has a poster in it that you can use at the party and then each card pack has a tattoo in it.  Plus fold out cards I used on the cake.  I bought 2 boxes and opened all the card packs so that I could make sure each treat bag had a tattoo and an even number of trading cards.   I also included Mario fruit snacks, candy and play dough in the treat bags.  And of course each kid got to take home a balloon.

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  1. It was an awesome, super-fun party and I know Alan loved it! You really put everything together beautifully.

  2. Love the cake and the ghost balloon things! So fun! I actually did a Mario Party for my son two years ago and last year we did Star Wars. :)
    Voted for you again. Good luck!

  3. Loved it always have fun ideas and make them all come true! What more can a kid ask are a magical Mom! (missed you last Sunday)

  4. Wow this is adorable! My favorite part is the ghosts too. What a memorable party! Wonderful job.

    Deviantly Domesticated Team

  5. I liked 'Mario Party Theme'. The decoration and all stuff are wonderful. The cake looks attractive and yummy, too...

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. LOVE! We are having our Mario party this Saturday and will be using some of your idea! Thanks!

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