Monday, April 18, 2011

Yo Yo Come to My House and Give Me an Epic Makeover Contest

You may have guessed it, but I am entering a contest to have the awesome Mandi from Vintage Revivals come and give me an epic makeover.

Here is the deal.  As the winner I would get to have Mandi come to my house and makeover any room I want.  Well, what I want isn't a makeover.  Makeover implies that it was in some way made to begin with.  My room is more like a whole lot of nothing.

Let me show you what I am talking about...

Welcome to my home! Come on in!

For the makeover we are talking about the room seen behind the kids.  The door behind Logan is the front door and the room behind the kids is the "Formal Living Room."  That is right every person who stops by my house sees this...

I bet you didn't see that coming.  SOOOOOO lovely right???  I have had a few people tell me they really wish they had my home...I bet they are rethinking that right about now.   The room was empty for the first year we lived in our house.  Then recently I allowed the super ugly old sofa we bought for like $75 back when Scott was still in school, because we needed somewhere to sit in there.   Then the paper got taped up for painting on the walls at Emma's party.  The green, pink, and blue things are left over sky lanterns Emma's party, then Saturday Scott put together a lawn mower in there and I dumbed a kitchen I bought at a yard sale in there.  So basically once I get in there to clean it up there will once again be a whole lot of nothin' in there.

 Add to that the Pampered Chef boxes that recently arrived and the randomly hung  Christmas portraits and you have a room worthy of and Epic makeover.  er something.

Here is why you need to go vote for me....
1.  I seriously think that if Mandi and I got our decorating heads together the result will truly be EPIC. Have you seen her stuff.  I want this.

and this

2.  I want this SOOOOOO bad.   I can't stand that empty ugly room, but there is no way it is in the budget anytime soon.

3.  Because Mandi is the QUEEN of DI (a local thrift store) shopping and I REALLLLLY want her to go there with me and teach me how to get good deals.  I always get nervous about haggling and even the stuff at DI is not in my current budget.  (side note: Does that bug you as much as it bugs me, come on DI you get the stuff for FREE, your store is supposed to help people who don't have money and yet I have literally seen stuff there with the original price tags marked at $1 with a DI price of $3.  Ummmm really guys, really?)

and 4.  It would fulfill my LIFE LONG DREAM of meeting Mandi.  Haven't you ever had a dream?  (I actually heard Rapunzel in my head as I typed that,.  It may be time to retire Punzeled for a while.)

And as a added bonus, if I win I PROMISE to take lots of pictures and tell you all about it.  So if I win, we all win! YAY!!!!

So here is the deal.  The Linky is open until midnight April 30 and then voting starts.  (Don't worry, I will remind you to go and vote.  In fact when the time comes I promise to remind you to vote a LOT.)

a Vote for Corner House is a Vote for AWESOMENESS.  

And Mandi if you are reading this I also promise that I am not a crazy stacker and I will let you do whatever you want to my living room.  ANYTHING.  You say "stencil the the ceiling" and I will say "I'll get the ladder."  Oh and Mandi, have you ever wanted to learn how to install windows?  I bet we could do it.  Oh oh and while you  are here lets just put up the board and batten on the back splash in the kitchen and paint the outside of my pantry kinda a teal color with some white stenciling on it.  (You did say a week right?)  And as an added bonus I will make you a Barbie cake just because.


  1. awesome! you have my vote!

  2. LOL Laura!
    I love this post!! We could do SOOOO much to that room. It would be so much fun to hang!!
    Good luck and thanks for linking up!

    Love your guts

  3. I found my humanity! (Just had to throw that Tangled quote 3 year old says it all the time) My vote is for you! Good luck!

  4. Congrats on making it into the top 15! Totally jealous but I can't wait to see what you can create with Mandi if you win! Good luck!

  5. Are you so excited?!?!? Congratulations!

  6. I just voted for you! I hope you win!]

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way!

  7. I agree, a bare room can only be improved upon, good luck. I vote for yah. Now just send her to Oregon for me.