Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Umpa Lumpa Doopity Do, I've got a factory tour for you

In case you were wondering the candy factory tour was a lot of fun.  They don't let you bring cameras on the tour (I guess they don't want you selling their secrets to Slugwroth) so I couldn't take any fun pictures of the tour it's self, but I found some on their site so we will make those work.

First of all when you get there they make you check everything (purse, camera, cell phone, jewelry) and then everyone has to put on candy maker hats (hair nets).  The candy maker hats were a bit of a challenge for the little ones.

On the tour they actually take you through the factory.  There were these "smaller" 2000 lb bags of sugar that they pour into these giant sugar silos that look like giant pastry bags.  That sugar is then blown around the factory through tubes.  Crazy!

Then they take you to the taffy room where they have these HUGE bowls swirling around with taffy that looks like it is about to spill over at any moment.  But it doesn't.
My favorite room was the room where they make the sour balls.  They are kinds like big jelly beans.  They have these machines that look like cement mixers or rock tumblers, but instead they tumble sugar.   It is really pretty to see the colors tumbling around.  They start with this syrup stuff and them slowly add sugar until they have soft balls, and then they add in flavors and the glaze.  I was surprised at what an art form it was.  The guys who work in that room have to train for a year before they can work there on their own.
The chocolate room was amazing.  The moment we walked in we were HIT by a wall of warm, thick, CHOCOLATE air.  And then there were these machines that had chocolate just swirling around and around as it cover cinnamon bears.  It was awesome.  As we left the chocolate room we had to walk past a huge palette of chocolate covered almonds.  Mmmmm them looked SO good!

Then we got to look around at how it was all packaged.

I thought these machines were pretty cool.

Oh and did I mention they gave us samples all along the way?  Uhhh I ate WAY to much candy today.  You know who else ate way to much candy today.
This kid.

Not only did we get a lot of candy at the factory, but we also brought home way to much candy.  Please note the little boy licking his lips in the right hand corner of this picture.  Yeah that is totally not staged.  I couldn't help but laugh a little when I loaded this picture onto my computer and saw Logan doing that in the background.  He is totally eying those Grapefruit sour balls.  Mmmmm  Grapefruit sour balls.


  1. Looks like a very "sweet" day for everyone!

  2. Wow, that is a lot of candy, looks like a fun project, thanks for sharing:)

  3. This place looks AWESOME! What are the chances you want to go again this summer with your favorite relatives!?!

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