Friday, April 22, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Sometimes friends will ask how I find the time to do as much as I do and usually when they ask that I will say something like "I don't clean my house" or "I have evolved past the need for sleep."  Well this week both are true.  I have been completely over taken with with meetings, baseball practices, and doctor/dentist appointment.
Plus this handsome guy turned 30!
Add to that friends coming over tonight, a baptism on Saturday, and Easter this weekend.  Basically no time to blog. :(  Sad.

Anyway, I saw these teacher appreciation gifts idea posts and I just had to share really quickly.  (And then I am going to go clean my VERY messy house.)

Most schools do Teacher Appreciation the first week in May so get prepared!  They deserve it!

ps. Next week I PROMISE to get all caught up on all the Tangled party tutorials (including, for a limited time,  the Rapunzel Cake tutorial.) and Bryce's room reveal, plus operation Emma needs new dresses and all the ones I have seen in stores suck so I am making my own.  It should be fun!

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