Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Can Hardly Believe That

on Monday this little girl is going to be 7!

What is even harder to believe is that this little girl is going to be 7.

But regardless of my disbelief, Emma is turning 7 on Monday, which means we are gearing up for a big birthday party on Friday.  Originally I had Emma totally talked into the idea of having a night owl party, but a few days ago she changed her mind.

I will give you one guess as to the new party theme.

You guessed it!  We are having a Rapunzel party.  She is just lucky she wanted to change the theme to something I could get excited about.  As soon as she said Rapunzel party my mind went "Oooo tower cake and flying paper lanterns... sold!"

Lets start with the invites shall we.  I am kinda lovin' how they turned out.  Simple, yet cute.

Are you loving this picture??  I especially like the junk mail, Home Depot receipt, and can of spray paint in the corner.

To make 12 invites I bought 3 light and 3 lighter purple pieces of linen textured 12X12 card stock.  I cut the lighter card stock down to 6X12 and printed 2 invites per piece.  Then I free hand cutout the towers. They are super easy to cut, just get a little skinnier towards the top and then kinda make a triangle at the top.  Then I used a punch for the window.  I bought like 5 thingys of embroidery thread and just cut one side of the loops.  Does that make since?  That way you really quickly cut a ton of pieces all the same size.    Then in bundles of 3 I taped 3 bundles down and braided them and tied a little bow.  I taped the braid down to the back side of the tower and glued the tower to a 4X12 piece of light purple card stock.   By the way the font is called QTBlackForest.  I think it is kinda perfect for the Rapunzel theme.

Once they were all made we set out in a snow storm  (got to love a 3 day snow-a-thon in April.)


  1. Way cute invites!!! Slightly jealous I'll never get to make girly invitations or have girly parties...

  2. Loved the invitations; they turned out so cute, and love the birthday girl even more!