Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good To Know

So, if you are refinishing a crib with spray paint and you are on about your 4th or 5th FINAL coat of paint, and you suddenly realize you weren't paying enough attention and you got a DRIP FORMING and you quickly decide to use you finger smooth the drip you may regret that decision.

You see....
 Spray paint is not like normal latex paint.  Even if it is still wet, it doesn't wash off with soap and water.  Infact it may become more sticky with soap and water.  And you may not have paint thinner or remover (note to self buy paint remover next itme you are at Home Depot), so you may decide to try nail polish remover because sticky yellow painty finger tips are driving you crazy.  And you may look ALL OVER the house because you KNOW you have finger nail polish remover, but you have not used it in a very long time.
On the up side you may find that sand paper you KNEW you had but couldn't remember where you put it (note to self it is in the master bathroom closet on the high shelf with the other things you never what your kids to be able to get their hands know toilet bowl cleaner and such).  And later when you find your nail polish remover in you junk kitchen cabinet you will find it does nothing for paint on your fingers.

Which brings me to me latest quandary.  To distress or not to distress.  I just finished spraying layer after thinly applied yellow layer of paint to the crib. It is done and looks good, but now do I take (the now found) sand paper to it or leave it be?  I LOVE distressed furniture.  I can hardly think of a piece of furniture in my house that isn't distressed (Good thing, considering I have 4 kids.  One of those perfect formal cherry dinning tables wouldn't last a day in this place.)   Hmmmmm  I just can't decide.  My wise husband said to leave it be, Bryce will distress it soon enough and then I can sand it down then.  
But a part of me want to distress it within an inch of its life and make is look like I found it in a back yard (where it had been living since the 70s, becuase I am pretty sure the 70s was the last time is was acceptable to have a yellow crib, but what do I know I wasn't even alive in the 70s) and a part of me wants to just let it be pretty glossy and yellow.  And if I distress the crib do I need to distress the new table too?

What do you think????  Keeping in mind his room now has yellow stripes on the ceiling and a branch and stuff over the crib.

Okay and the last bit of business I have for you is...

Danielson Family.... You won the minky blanket, but did not leave me a good way to get a hold of you and you have not emailed me.  SO I am giving Danielson Family until Mid-night Friday night and then I am going to give it so someone else.

Also don't forget about the LeBaron Interiors giveaway. It is still open until April 18th.

Okay now this really is the last little bit of business.  Corner House is going to turn 1 year old on May 22nd.  And I would really LOVE to reach the goal of having 500 followers. :)  So I am shamelessly asking for your help in that.  I know if we work together we can reach that goal and I may have to do some kind of super Awesome giveaway to celebrate.

Thats it.  I have Bryce's room redo reveal and Emma's AMAZING Rapunzel party posts coming up.  So I will be seeing you soon.


  1. Danielson family - that would be me -
    Sarah Danielson sadanielson @
    Thank you so much - so excited!

  2. I am so glad you saw this post. I will email you. Thanks.

  3. This post was very fun. I do love distressed, but I am never brave enough to do it myself. I can't wait to see your reveals.