Sunday, April 17, 2011

Emma's Rapunzel Party Recap

Oh wow it is so late and I am still totally wiped out from this crazy week, but I also really wanted to share Emma's party with all of you, so I will do a quick recap tonight and then I will give you guys a few tutorial type thingys on how to make all this stuff yourself a little later.

First things first... the cake.
The tower cake was just over 3 feet tall.  I wish I had, had more time to give it more details, but I am still happy with how it turned out.  You know how it is with things you make, you often see all that is lacking and all the little mistakes.  Emma and her friends loved it.   I was just glad it was structurally sound.  In fact it is still standing now even with the whole back gone.

So as the girls arrived I had some Tangled coloring pages out on the table and we started the movie in the background.  (Having the movie on was really great.  The girls sang along to the songs while they were doing stuff and anytime they weren't actively doing something they could watch the movie.)  Once all the girls arrived we made Gold Sun Necklaces.   What 7 year old girl doesn't like beading right?    

The great thing about beading was that they finished at different times, so as the girls got done, I had them get food and there was never too much congestion at the food table.

For dinner we had Hazelnut Soup, Orange Biscuit Braids and Orange Butter, with grapes and veggies.  I was surprised at how many girls ate the soup and liked it.  Surprisingly Hazelnut soup is good.

As girls finished eating we headed into the family room for Rapunzel Hair Extensions.

I had done Emma's before the party so I would have one less head to braid at the party.  I also made Emma's longer and thicker than the others (She is the birthday girl after all).

They all LOVED getting "Rapunzel hair."  As soon as each girl was done she was twirling and dancing, and singing.  It was really cute.  To help things keep moving along, once all the girls were done eating, we let Emma open present while I was finishing up the last few braids.

After present came cake.  Umm the girl were a little excited to get to eat tower cake.

Sadly I over planned and we ran out of time to paint on the walls and play pin the nose on Flynn Rider. :(  Basically they were just having to much fun and I really should have made it a 3 hour party.

Anyway, we had to make sure we left enough time for the big finale.

Flying paper lanterns.  This was so much fun!  The girls were literally SCREAMING with excitement.  Just a few words of advice with these.  I think the smaller ones would be easier to handle.  The ones I bought were pretty big.  I bought one for each girl, but you really need 1 adult for each one lit so we only ended up lighting about 4 or 5 over them.  Maybe only buy like one or two.  It is a group effort to get them up into the air and everyone has fun with just one.  Also I tied a string to them.  For some crazy reason the idea of lighting a paper lantern on fire and then just letting the breeze take it where it will made me nervous.  So I would suggest using a kite string so you know where it is, but it has enough slack to fly where it wants.

As we were finishing up with the lanterns parents were coming so we gave each girl a balloon and a treat bag and they were off.

So I had made two treat bags that had things like a Spiderman pencil, Flynn Rider stickers, lizard tattoos, yellow play dough, and no lip gloss for Alan and Logan and once all the girls were gone and I went to get the boys their treat bags there was only one boy treat bag and one girly treat bag.  So some poor little girl took home what I am sure seemed like a very random treat bag.  Oh well.


  1. I was immediately excited about the tower cake, but the lanterns stole its thunder. I want to fly a lantern. Yes, I am as bad as any kiddo. I think they will go with an owl themed party that I am having in July. What do you think? Where did you pick them up at?

  2. What an awesome birthday party! I know your daughter will always remember all the time and effort you put in to create this special day for her. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I am so impressed with your party planning skills! That looks like such a fun party. First of all, the cake--WOW! I bet the girls were so excited to discover that hazlenut soup and paper lanterns actually existed. I would love to find out how you were going to handle painting on the walls. Finally, I just have to say how perfect those banners were. What lucky girls--the party looked absolutely amazing!

  4. It DOES look like the best party ever! Love all the pictures.

  5. This looks like the best birthday EVER!! I really want to have a tangled birthday for my daughter this year. I may be steeling a few ideas, lol. I love the hair and the pin the nose... so perfect! Oh and the cake was AWESOME!!!

  6. Wow Laura! I used to think I could at least try to keep up with you, but man I just don't think I can. If I had half your talent! And I was cracking up about the boys treat bags going home with a girl. Ha!

  7. That cake is insane! I love the idea of giving each girl a Rapunzel braid too! Just adorable!

  8. That tower is so totally cool. Let's see the tutorial on how you did that.

  9. That cake is great ... I want to see how you did that! And I love the Rapunzel extensions!

    Visiting from Tatertots and Jello.

  10. Hello, your work is beautiful ! I admire ! I plan to make a cake of rapunzel for 6 years of my daughter, and i wonder know how you did the trick ? In cake ?? how did you make the scult ? Sorry for the mistakes..i'm french !
    Thank you for your advice and congratulations

  11. Hi There ! Excellent party planning skills. Can you please tell me what did you use for Rapunzel hair extensions for all the girls?- Thanks, Deepa

  12. YOU are my new hero...!!!

  13. Could you tell me what is inside the tower ? I mean the material, how could a "cake" could stand up with that height ?
    I tried to make rapunzel tower to, but I made it from cardboard :

    And about the lantern, I think it will be very dangerous if you live in crowded area. It would be safer if you just use lighting balloon ;)
    Anyway, nice party you have there...

  14. amazing job! I love your cake tower... how did you get it to be so sturdy?

    I just had our daughter's 5th birthday party yesterday... here's how it turned out:

  15. PS: What is the font in your header?

    curly2880 at yahoo dot com


  16. Were did you get the banners I see hanging?

  17. @Anonymous
    I made the banners. I cut purple cardstock, had my silhouette cut out the suns, and serged them together.

  18. Your cake is awesome. Actually the whole party look fantastic. Did you ever do a tutorial for the Tower cake? I am terrified of how to construct the internal support for the tower. It seems so top heavy.

    If you have a tutorial and would like to share, my email address is
    Leisl Kern

  19. I like the tower its absolutely a perfect for my daughters birthday. Thank you so much for sharing the cake look so delicious. :)