Friday, March 11, 2011

Wipey Cases and a Giveaway

I think wipey cases are so fun.  They are so cute and they make wiping messes off of your kids a much more enjoyable.  Plus I love that they are re-usable.

This is the wipe case I made my sister.

I love how it matches everything.

I think it turned out pretty well considering I had no idea what I was doing and that making wipey cases is harder than I thought it would be.  I think it is the hot glue.  Man that stuff really glues that fabric on there right away with little time for readjusting and you have to be very careful not to burn yourself or have glue leak out and look ugly.

I am kinda kicking myself because after I had already made this case and mailed it to my sister I realized that I could have had a custom case made from LizzyLuu designs.

I think Elizabeth over at LizzyLuu is seriously a bum accessories artist. I mean, come on, check these cute-e-cutes out.

I love the flowers.
I think what makes them truly special (other that their obvious cuteness) is that they hold the diapers right there with them.  That makes it so much easier.  No digging around the bottom of the diaper bag looking for diaper, because they are right there with your super cute case.  I kinda wish I have like 3 of them.  One for the diaper bag, one for the van for when I forget the diaper bag, and one for Grandma's house for when anyone forgets the diaper bag (been there, done that, it was not pretty.)  That actually works out great because Elizabeth is running a special right now, buy 3 get one free.  So you could get 3 for yourself and have one do give to some lucky mom at a baby shower or Mother's day or just because.  I also think these would work great for things other than diapers.  You could keep a little thing of hand sanitizer in the pocket (perfect for snack time at the park.)  I am sure any mom you could come up with lots of things.

Elizabeth has also been nice enough to GIVE ONE  AWAY to one of my Corner House readers!  YAY!  The winner will get her pick of any one wipey case from over at LizzyLuu Designs.

Mandatory for first entry:

You must be a follower of Corner House.  Then go over to LizzyLuu, follower her, look around.  Then come back and leave me a comment telling me the NAME of the wipe case you like best.  (don't worry if you win you don't have to get the one you named in your comment, but you can.)

Additional entries:

Like LizzyLuu on Facebook (One Entry).

Like Corner House on Facebook (One Entry).

Leave a separate comment of EACH entry and good luck!


  1. I really like the LoganLuu or the LoganLuux2. The prints are whimsical, yet great for boy moms.

  2. I like corner house on Facebook.

  3. I follow both you and Lizzyluu love the LynxLuu case! Such a great addition to any diaper bag!

  4. I like the LaddyLuu! and am now a follower of LizzyLuu.

  5. I follow both you and Lizzyluu and I'm in love with the Laramieluu. This is such a cute idea!

  6. I am, of course, already a follower. I already like Lizzy Luu :), and now I like you on facebook! I like the loft luu :)



  7. I like the LadyLuu case! So cute! It's so hard to pick a favorite, though...

  8. I "like" Corner House on FB.

  9. i love the Lutterfly Luu so cute !!!! im a follower here on corner house and lizzy luu!!!!

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  12. Thanks so much for linking up to my Swing into Spring party.

  13. I have s baby boy and I love the lloydsluu and the lotsodots Luu. It's so hard to find cute boy stuff! Thanks for the ideas. My contact is