Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The very best hooded bath towels

As a mommy of 4 I have given a LOT of baths over the past 6 years.  With my daughter I a few of those cute hooded towels you can buy at the store and one towel my mother-in-law had made for me.  I quickly realized all those little towels totally suck.  They are cute...but they are also thin and too small.  I like a nice big towel, even when they are really little.  It is so much nicer to just completely wrap your little baby in a lot of thick warm fuzziness.  Even better your baby will never grow out of it.  My daughter still uses hers.

Being the nice person that I am, I am going to show you how to make one yourself.

Baby Brycey was nice enough to model the one I made for Baby Lyle.

Now you can make these towels as cute as you want.  There are tons of cute towels out there and you can always add ric rac, rufffles, or ribbon.  I just like this color of green for baby Lyle (which for some reason photographed not well, but in person it is a nice pistachio apple color).  So I decided not to add anything to it.

A normal sized towel
A matching wash cloth
A sewing machine.  (there isn't that much sewing, so if you don't have a machine you could probably do sew it by hand.)

Step 1 kinda depends on your wash cloth.  This one had a think finished edge and I was worried it being to thick so I used my seam ripper and undid the top end of the wash cloth.  If your wash cloth is thin at the edges I wouldn't worry about undoing it.

Lay out your towel and then center the wash cloth at the top of it.  Pin it in place and sew it down.  I sew a rectangle along the top edge of the towel then down one side then along the bottom edge of the wash cloth and then back to the top.

Fold the towel in half, right sides together.  Line up the top edges of the wash cloth and sew them together.

Then fold over the side and sew them down.  If you undid the top you need to fold it under before you sew it down. BTW this picture is actually close to the color to towel is.

All Done!


  1. Hi! This looks awesome! I host a weekly blog hop -- It's a Keeper Thursdays. I'd love for you to stop by and link up!

    Christina @ It's a Keeper

  2. Hi,

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