Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tons of Onesie Tutorials... Cute... (you have to say cute about onesies right?)

These are the onesies I made for my soon to arrive nephew.

For this one I used my Silhouette to cut the hand print and the letters out of freezer paper.  The CRB is his monogram and the hand print is because he is the 5th. 

I kinda like to ALWAYS try new things, so for the hand print I used these painters markers.  I thought "oh that would be cute and easy and ohhh they are metallic."  Well I thought they would be more marker like but instead it is more like watered down puffy paint.  I didn't really like the effect so I think I will have to try them on something else.  Hey you win some you loose some right.

I am lovin' how the Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile one turned out.  Who knew Sharpies came in 80's Glam.  I am not exactly sure why those colors are 80's.  They are more muted them the bright normal sharpie colors.  If anything I would say they are 90's Glam.  When I think 80's I think neon.  Anyway they are what they are.

I wanted a really authentic look so I knew I had to draw it on.  

So first insert some freezer paper waxy side up and iron it down.  This keeps your fabric from moving around on you.  

 Print out the image you want to use, then slide it up inside the onesie.  Then take an extra fine Sharpie, hold the onesie up to a window (or if you are awesome and have a light table you can use that.)  and trace your lines.  Then use a fine point Sharpie to fill it in.

Once you are done, remove the freezer paper and image and use an iron to heat set the ink.  I am kinda thinking about adding another little Lyle on the up right of the bum.

Ok so this onesie is so cute because they are going to call him Lyle and his daddy is a super big Florida Gators fan.  His Grandma is buying him the book so know he can  read his book while he wears his onesie.

So easy.  Next time I want to try a "The Little Prince" inspired onesie

You want more inspiration don't you. :)  OK well since you said please.  I rounded up a few more super awesome tutorials for you.

V and Co. Ombre onesie tutorial here

Honeybear Lane Striped Onesie tutorial and SUPER cute baby here

Love, Laughter & Larsons appliquéd onesie tutorial here

The Cottage Home boy and girl onesies tutorial here

Prudent Baby Sweet Cotton Onesie Tutorial here

Oh so many good ideas so little time.  I am actually getting to the point were my crafting to do list is so long I am dreaming about it.  I had the coolest dream last night about my boys room. Ummm you may be seeing some pictures of it in the coming weeks.  


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