Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Maternity Portraits with Carolee Beckham Photography

 I have been so excited for this post, for two major reasons.  First this is the first time I have had a guess blogger on my blog and two, Carolee is AWESOME.  She blogs over at Carolee Beckham The Blog and is a wonderful and creative photographer.  

So on to Carolee


I never really gave much thought to what it would be like to be pregnant. But when I heard that some websites compare the growing baby to fruits and veggies, I couldn't help but think of how fun it would be to document that process. And so was born the idea of my personal pregnancy documentation. I can honestly say that I have loved the pregnancy process thus far. It's not been easy, that's for sure. I've experienced heartburn, morning sickness, and total fatigue and it's been entirely due to the growing baby in my belly. But I've also experienced a great amount of joy. Watching my little boy grow, from the outside, has been exciting. I love it when he kicks and moves around. It makes him feel so close. I love being so aware of him. 

At 7 weeks my little baby was the size of a blueberry.  I'm amazed that babies start out so tiny and yet have developed so much.

 He grew to the size of a lime and then a lemon.

 He was an apple and then an avocado.

 He was a turnip and then a bell pepper and then an artichoke. This week though, he's hit a major growth spurt. (Stay tuned to my blog to see what size he is this week!) 

This project has forced me to be creative with my wardrobe. A lot of women, from what I'm told, have the same struggle that I've had... the struggle of "what to wear?" I really haven't wanted to spend a lot of extra money for clothes that will only last a few months and so I've stretched my imagination in regards to my closet and what I have. It's been fun and I've been pleasantly surprised.

One thing I know for sure- having a baby changes things. It changes EVERYTHING. He's not officially here yet and I'm already changed. Things are different and I'm in love with this new adventure. Last week we found out that he's a boy and finding that little bit of information out has caused this whole process to be that much more real. I'm halfway through this and am excited to experience the other half. Come August there will be a bundle of joy in my life and a whole lot of pictures of food. :)


Told you it was going to be awesome!  Thanks, Carolee


  1. Hahaha! I love this! How clever! I wish I would have looked that cute when I was prego!

  2. These pictures are awesome! I love the food size idea.

  3. What a fun, creative, and perfect way to document the belly.

  4. That is really cute to do that. What a unique way to do pictures that no one else has done before.

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