Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Faux Chenille Baby Blanket

When I saw this blanket over at made I knew I needed to make one. 

I loved the beautiful bright orange and the wonderful texture.

Here is mine:

This blanket was the big hit at my sister's baby shower.

There is a really awesome tutorial for the faux Chenille Blanket over at made

I followed it pretty closely, but I did do a few things differently.  I didn't use basting/craft bond spray stuff, but I did pin it a lot.  The other thing I did was as I was sewing I ran my hand across it every few inches to make sure it was all smooth.  It is possible that if I had used basting/craft bond spray stuff I would not have needed to do that.

Dana mentions this in her tutorial, but it really is true that you need to think of this more like quilting than like making a baby blanket.  I think making this blanket may have taken me longer than the pinwheel quilt.  About half way through the sewing the lines part I kinda thought I may never finish this project,  BUT it is SO worth the time.  Just make sure you have a couple movies to watch or something and you will be good to go. 

Seriously, Seriously Love this blanket.  

Oh the fabric I used:
For the non-chenille side, Liz Scott for Moda Sugar Pop Raindrops in Chartreuse For the binding, Liz Scott for Moda Sugar Pop Buds in Aqua


  1. I love that blanket! Maybe someday I will have time to do projects like that again :)



  2. That's a great blanket. It really looks amazing. I'm impressed. Thanks so much for linking up to the Winter Blues Wednesday party.

  3. I've just finished sewing (quilting) one and the next step is to cut it. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

    Did you use cotton or flannel for the chenille side?

  4. I used cotton. But I think next time I will try flannel. It seems like it would fuzz up really well.

  5. Visiting via Tatertots and Jello, your quilt i/ baby blanket is an absolute heirloom. Love the photoshoot as well. Your stitching is superb.

  6. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful blanket. Thank you for sharing.

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