Thursday, March 3, 2011

Easy Receiving Blankets

I don't like to use store bought receiving blanket.  There are a few that are great, but for the most part they are just too small. Possibly they wouldn't seem so small if I didn't have 9 pound babies.  Good news is it is super easy to make your own.

Here is how I like to make them.

To do this you will need a yard of fabric (I like to use a super soft flannel, or cotton thermal type fabric.  I think they work best for swaddling), scissors, and a serger or sewing machine.

I like to cut it down to about 36 X 40 inches.  I feel like it is to much of a rectangle when I swaddle my baby  if leave it 36 X 44.    Then I serge around the edges and then I am done.

I start straight at one of the corners.

But then I like to make all the corners rounded so as I come up to the corners I just round them through the machine.  When I do this I always pull it around from the front like in the picture above.  That way the thread stays nice and tight to the edge. 

Don't turn it from the back like I am doing here.

Just keep going all the way around until you have sewed all the way around and have 4 rounded corners.

See how much nicer and bigger that is?   Well and actually even that smaller blanket is bigger than most you can buy in the store.

Make them for yourself or make a few gift sets to have on hand the next time you have a baby shower to go to. ( I will go over making the newborn sleep pants and onesies later this month.)

If you don't have a serger, you can still make these pretty fast and easy.  If you want square corners you can just iron the edge about 1/4 inch and then iron it again and then sew it down.  Or if you want rounded corners just use a plate as a guide to cut your corners and then use your zig zag stitch so it just barely goes over the outside edge.

Easy peasy Right?


  1. adorable !!! i just wish now that i had a serger :( !!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait for the pants they look super cute !!!!

  2. What settings do you use for your serger? I am just learning my serger and the sttiches never seem to stay even.

  3. How do you finish the end of your serged item? Like backstiching? I've looked everywhere and kind find out how you keep the threads from unraveling...